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Mike’s Treasure Cove of his GOODDIES, Part II

After Jeremy reaching deep into Mike’s sack some combing through the site, I’ve found 7 more reviews from our Fearless Leader Editor-in Chief. Those of you who knows that Mike writes well and enjoy his writings, please enjoy these articles! Click on a pic below.

Toradora Series Review
Kannagi Series Review
Tsukihime Series Review
Noein Series Review
True Tears Series Review
Kimikiss Series Review
Myself; Yourself Series Review

The Zen of Eureka Seven

Freedom writ large.

Take one gangly kid, one cooldere, and a bunch of heroic rebels who just want to live free. Put them in a dystopian future where an almost-magical element, trapar, generates lift forces and enables them to defy gravity. Mix in mecha, a threat to the world, and an uneasy peace. Serves seven: Eureka Seven.

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On Kannagi and Virginity

For those of you who missed it, there was a big to-do at the close of 2008 over the fact that Nagi of Kannagi might not be “pure.”

Not a vampire.

It’s fascinating to me how so much of the international anime community took the Western perspective and applied it as if it ought to be universal.  Sankaku Complex was flooded with hate in the stories it ran. Darkmirage’s popular take on the subject garnered forty comments and not one mentioned how cultural expectations of women are different in Japan vs. in the West. There was not one reference to Yamamoto Nadeshiko, that ideal of self-sacrificing femininity that was inculcated in the Japanese in WWII and whose specter still discourages modern Japanese women from marrying.

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Endings: Kannagi, Rosario 2, Hyakko

Of course everyone makes up and kiss up (blood sucking, nevertheless), but of course, another happy ending in Otaku season (catering to Japanese and some Asian Otaku – remember, unlike American ones, Asian Otaku don’t like sad endings and rather not be cynical) Ready? OK! Here it goes –

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Face Off: Ray vs. Mike on Kannagi

Mike: What is it that makes me like this show so far? Is it the very catchy OP song? (I have it stuck in my head right now.) Or the not-quite-as-cliched interaction between Jin and Nagi, though objectively speaking it’s not anything particularly new? I’m not sure, really. All that I know is that like Toradora it feels a cut above the usual anime romance comedy.

Ray: Well, unfortunately, I can’t say I share the same enthusiasm as you do. I really don’t remember the OP, and although somewhat refreshing, their interactions don’t seem that new to me – unless you can point the interesting aspects out.

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Mike’s Gigantic Fall 2008 Roundup: Stuff I Probably Won’t Blog But Might Watch Anyway

In this big roundup article, I’ll talk about Ga-Rei Zero, Hyakko, Kannagi, Shikabane Hime Aka, Tales of the Abyss, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Toradora, Tytania, and Yozakura Quartet. Do they make good first impressions?

(Note: these are all based on episode 1. I have episode 2 for some of these shows, but have not seen most of them up to that point.)

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Kannagi 1 – Don’t we have Belldandy already? (Ray)

Oh but she’s a tree goddess.

(Tree goddess mutilation murder case? lol)

Another odd series where my jaw dropped a couple of times and I laughed at the antics.

However, having seen Belldandy knowing almost nothing about this world, another goddess does the same thing isn’t exactly revolutionary.

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