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Anime Diet Radio Episode 15 – The Legendary Cursed Episode…


This special episode was supposed to be released on Halloween, but certain…curses of sorts fell on me that very day. I’m still picking up the pieces from that scariest of days. This is a simple episode, in which we talk about only a few things–the mailbag, and the GOOD, the BAD, and the HORRIBLE of the fall season! (Shows include: ef-a tale of memories, Minami-ke, Gundam 00, Ghost Hound, Kaiji, Genshiken, Kimikiss Pure Rouge, and Kawaii Jenny.)

Also, if you noticed that this podcast sounds a little different, it’s because Ray so kindly volunteered to edit it! [Editor’s note: I don’t use Apple so no AAC, and Mike is swamped with work to edit it and make it AAC format. Gomen nasai!] I think you’ll agree he did a great job.So, enjoy this very late Halloween episode…if you dare. Bwahahahahaha!

Show Order

Show Notes

  • OP – “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni,” Eiko Shimamiya (OP of When They Cry – Higurashi)
  • ED – “Poltergeist,” Kojima Mayumi (OP of Ghost Hound)
  • Music clips – “Fearful Experience,” Meguro Masashi, “Kiru,” Eitetsu Hayashi & Kaoru Wada, SAMURAI 7 Image Album, “Girls on Film,” Duran Duran. “Eva 01,” Evangelion soundtrack, and various music clips from Lucky Star.
  • Sound clips -From “Jigoku Shojo,” “Suzumiya Haruhi,” “The Blair Witch Project,” “From Dusk till Dawn.”
  • Read the comments from Random 11, korosora here (9). Read the comments from Benu and Daniel here (10).
  • CalAggie – sorry we didn’t get your comment on 13 before we recorded 15. So perhaps we’ll read your mail next time.
  • asdf – sorry we didn’t get your new comment on 14 before we recorded 15. So perhaps we’ll read your mail next time.
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Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji 1- A Fist Full of Dollars.

Imagine being at the end of your rope financially and being given one opportunity to pay nearly a lifetime of debt in a fight to the “debt” on the open seas. Yeah, I said “debt” not death. Unlike, the kids from Battle Royale, Kaiji and the other down-and-out passengers of the Espoir are not give knives, guns, explosive etc. Instead they are given a stacks of high interest Yakuza cash and a mysterious envelope that will set the stage of exactly what type of war of wager they will fight.

From the beginning of the series it’s easy to relate with the main character Kaiji, that is, if you are a complete loser! You see Kaiji has made some seriously bad choices in his life and he is struggling beneath the weight of them all. Unfortunately his would be savior is a yakuza recruiter for what he himself calls the “floating slaughterhouse”. I found the show thus far to have an interesting enough plot to watch for now. I’ll give it at least one more episode to see what happens. I don’t particularly care for the art style, although it does remind me slightly of character designs from The Venture Brothers (only much more angular). The music is not to shabby and appropriately moody for this show. If you do watch this show, however, be prepared to be intrigued by and/or amused by the real name of the game on the Espoir (aka the floating slaughterhouse) after Kaiji opens the mysterious envelope.

Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji 1- A Fist Full of Dollars