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AX 2008 Video Diary, Day 1

Finally. This is divided into two parts, to make it fit for Youtube. This is part 1:

And this is part 2:

One thing I really noticed is that not being in really long lines for a good part of the day meant that I didn’t get to interview as many strangers: on this day, at least, I mostly interviewed people that I knew already. Don’t worry, though–there are many more cosplayer interviews on future days. And the full panel video is coming very soon–maybe as soon as tomorrow!

Mike’s Claymore Marathon Journal: Eps. 8-14

I need to send Teresa to “exorcise” my host provider

The Claymore director and chara designer PMX panel isn’t until Sunday, so I have a few more days to spend watching this show before I get to go to their panel. :) (If you have questions you’d like asked, please leave them in the comments section.) Plus, we just came back from a major outage all day, so bear with us as I make the second post for today…which is about the evolution this show is taking by its halfway marker.

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Mike’s Claymore Marathon Journal: Eps. 3-7


I’m going to PMX this weekend along with the rest of the US crew–and so is Claymore‘s director and character designer, Hiroyuki Tanaka and Takahiro Umehara! As a matter of journalistic research and integrity, I’ve decided to watch the rest of Claymore, which I barely started when it was being broadcast, in rapid mini-marathons until the end of the week when they are set to do their panels at PMX. And I’ve decided to blog about it too, since what is an anime blog if not a record of what has been watched?  This is for episodes 3-7.

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