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Kuttsukiboshi OAV 1 Review

Primastea, the anime studio that created and distributed Training Together and Sleeping Together, has released a delicious yuri title, created by one guy (of course it’d only be a guy). The story is about the risky adventures of two high school girls during summer. The story has one twist; one of the two girls has the ability to move things with her mind (THE FORCE).

A good story has devices that work; a medicore story has conveniences that just happen; I believe this story is the latter. Buuut, whoever’s reading my article is not looking for an in depth and detailed analysis of story plots, devices as well as the merits of using them in the right places without failing (wut). So let’s get to the goodies.

You can get the characters’ names by searching through ANN or Wikipedia so I’m not going to bother with them. When I first set my eyes on the show, it struck me that the shapes of the heads of the girls looked oddly shaped; kinda squashed, in fact. I could tell it was a one-person-effort on a good computer, because the drawing is consistent. But the production value is also low, hence the odd head shapes as well as the not quite harmonious eyes and facial features. But there was nothing particularly unpleasant about them. Eh.

Nothing is wasted on any elaborate setup; the story gets the girls together right away. We get some nice girl on girl action with plenty of kissing, saliva swap and all that. Did I mention that the body proportions were kind odd? Oh and yes, the Force. The Force to break apart the necklace that consists of two star-shaped metalic things locked together. Of course, you know that’s going to come apart at the end of this episode, right? Since it’s a two-part OAV.

Captain Obvious has been screaming his/her lungs out miles back. Being a Yuri fan, this passes my test just fine. But other than that, I can’t remember anything that would earn high merits from me. Check it out  if you like.

P.S. Oh and yes (YES), one of the girls wears nothing underneath her school uniform skirt! Wonderful! Except we don’t get to see ANYTHING!

P.S. 2 – I didn’t realize that this show counts as a fall 2010 show.

Isshoni H or Fucking Together

From ANN

3rd Isshoni Project by Primastea to Ship This Fall

…The Isshoni franchise launched in April of 2009 with Isshoni Training: Training with Hinako (pictured at right), an exercise video with an anime girl that became a surprise hit and sold 13,300 copies in its first two weeks. The second project, Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako, launched in February with the title character returning for a “pleasant sleeping and alarm clock” anime.

Ray’s take: I dunno, after watching the first one with my mind wondering and fastforwarding through the second one, I’m beginning to wonder if this is marketed toward cowards who are too afraid to be caught with real hentail or ecchi series. For boobage (despite of) with deep plots and characters, I commend Queen’s Blade and for exercise sex…Aren’t there hentai anime made about exercise girls that actually delivers the goods? And for a virtual, sweet girlfriend, I think there’s something called “virtual girlfriend”. I guess Fucking Together would totally be too dirty for the audience, eh? XD The art of being ecchi but sweet cum not on screen is certainly difficult for me to understand! XD