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Diary of an Anime Lived: The Slice-of-Life Age, Part 3 (FINAL)

On the strands that make up “slice of life” in our day, and what it means to be a fan in this time where it is the predominant standard of quality and popularity.

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Living Life Under the Arakawa Bridge: Or, How Suneohair Lyrics Are The Interpretive Key To Everything

I’ve been trying to put my finger on why I find Arakawa Under the Bridge so appealing. It’s not just the quirky characters or the slapstick or the surrealism, or even that it’s a Shinbo show; it’s the alternative vision of life, work, and even community that the folks under the bridge seem to live out. And it’s all contained in the ending song.

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AD Top 10 List #1: Top TV Anime of the 2000s

It’s 2010. A new year. A new decade. Amazing how time flies, doesn’t it? In celebration of this historical event we, your anime-loving couch potatoes here at Anime Diet, have painstakingly compiled a list of what we feel are the cream of the crop, the very best anime of the past ten years.
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Review: Honey and Clover (Live Action Film) (59%)

You look all grown up now, Hagu-chan

You look all grown up now, Hagu-chan

What have they done with my second favorite anime of all time? Even Yoko Kanno and a whole passel of great insert songs can’t save this muddled, half-baked mess of a film that strips away so much of what made Honey and Clover one of the greatest evocations of the end of adolescence.

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Honey and Clover, the Drama: Not Just Between the Characters

The one anime that I always felt would work exceedingly well as a live-action drama is becoming one. As per Anime News Network:

15-year-old Riko Narumi will star in the live-action television drama adaptation of Chica Umino’s Honey and Clover manga, which will premiere on January 8. Umino’s manga about five teenagers’ road to adulthood has sold 8.13 million copies. 23-year-old Tōma Ikuta (Hana Yori Dango 2’s Junpei) of the Johnny’s Jr. idol talent firm will play the art student Yuuta opposite Narumi, who will play the talented but shy Hagumi.

Mike’s Take: HAH! A 15 year old for Hagu-chan? That sounds too old! Then again, she actually looked a bit too old in the live-action movie, even though she was definitely the right height for it. In the anime she looks about 10, a real loli (complete with the disclaimer that she is really 18), which is surprising given how otherwise stirring, realistic, and down-to-earth the show is when it’s not being slapstick. Or when Morita isn’t on screen. Wait a minute. Maybe H&C isn’t as down-to-earth as I thought…how are they going to translate a lot of that manga/anime slapstick into live action? The only time I’ve seen it work well is in Gokusen.

That ANN summary is kinda inaccurate, actually. “Five teenagers’ road to adulthood” is technically true but gives a somewhat wrong impression; it’s really about college and first careers, and the word “teenager” to me implies high school. Something more like Karekano, which is the nearest high school equivalent of H&C. Later the news article describes it as a shoujo manga, which is also technically untrue; it’s a josei story, and the tone of it is markedly different in many ways from the average shoujo story, though I grant that the line between the two can be blurry. Something like Nana is much more obviously josei, especially as it has a lot more sexuality–something H&C has little of with one exception later on. (I was about to say Hataraki Man too, except I just remembered it was published in a seinen magazine. Even though it was done by Moyoco Anno, who normally does josei.)

I suppose this is the time to once again explain that I didn’t even know that H&C was aimed at women until quite late in the game, given that most of the main viewpoint characters are male and they quite accurately reflected a certain kind of male mind at that stage of life. Not that this is going to stop Ray from making fun of me for watching girly shows again. :)

KimiKiss Pure Rouge 1–Yawn

Don’t worry. Just watch this show.

I could just give this a one word review, in the words of Homer Simpson:

But I think I, Michael, owe you a little more explanation. So here it goes.

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