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I’m Not Dead Yet

Just wanted to assure everyone that I’m not dead yet from this blog. I am not on hiatus so much as simply immersed in the end of the quarter with 4 papers due soon, and lots of things happening in Real Life ™ too. Like actually working out at the gym, for a change. (You can take away my otaku license now, boys.)

There will be new content this week for certain, including a lengthy piece that I hope you will enjoy. Plus the next episode of the podcast, if I can find time to edit it. So stay tuned, dear readers.

Mike on Brief Exam-Related Hiatus

 If only I had swirls in my eyes when I read

Dear readers, I (Mike) will be taking a brief hiatus from posting this week. This is final exam week for me, and I have a final exam tomorrow morning as well as 3 papers to finish by Thursday and Friday.

This means, among other things, that the podcast which was scheduled for release this weekend will be delayed until next Sunday at earliest.  However, once it’s over, I’ll be on vacation for almost an entire month–which means you’ll be probably seeing a whole lot more of me afterwards. (Stop throwing those tomatoes, please!)

So until I get my head out of the academic sand, enjoy the company of my fellow bloggers Ray, Jeremy, Fred, and Matt. See you soon!