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H2O 8 and 9 – How’s my soul faring so far?


…Well, it’s not rocking, that’s for sure. Maybe I’ve become too jaded for my own good, but I simply wasn’t touched at all. However,

That sorta Eva episode 8 was interesting. Of course, this time the maker of the “alternate world” is the real Hinata, the dead older sister.

Hmm, so like many dating sims, supernatural and sometimes odd stuff are involved here.

I guess the pantsu shots were worth it. Otherwise, all standard romance-aimed-for-otaku stuff, nothing too terribly exciting. There just isn’t enough depth here for me to say anything much about.

I still don’t get the footprints in the sand part.

Boy, this season has been lackluster. I can’t wait for the next season.

I mean, yeah, there are twists and turns in this show, but the dead older sister comes back as the genie of time?

I’d have to admit, though, that this is one of the better produced dating sim turned anime so far in my anime watching career.  To me, it looks reall they’ really running out of stuff to use – ghosts, genies, alternative world characters, aliens, espers, future people…

But yeah, as far as production value, this really isn’t anything bad. In fact, watching the beautiful animation and characters, and enjoying the tsundere Hayami-chan, I think I like it as an rather average show.

Again, jadedness is bad for reviewing anything.

But yeah, True Tears up to eps 5 was better, at least we don’t have a ghost that comes back from the past.

Enjoy H2O!

First Look Fair: H20–Footprints in the Sand

This seminarian groaned when he saw what this first line intimated for the rest of the scene.

This seminarian groaned when he saw what this first line intimated for the rest of the scene.

What? They actually start the whole frickin’ series with that really, really cheesy “Footprints in the Sand” poem I heard all the time growing up in church and is printed in my first, childhood King James Bible? Then again, it is the subtitle of the whole series…and so far, at least, the best I can say of it is: it could be worse.

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Do the creators of H20 know Americans are going to be watching it?

They actually got a real live native English speaker for this trailer–and he even has the TV Announcer Guy voice! (He’s not deep and gravelly to have the “Movie Guy” voice though–the “in a world…” voice.) Though I can tell he probably didn’t write the following:

This is a solid juvenile renaissance…much more innocent than adolescence, much more cruel than pure love!

It does, however, have one of the all-time records for audacious promises. TV Announcer Guy, after all, assures us that


One wonders whether this is a direct pitch to American and other English-speaking fansub watchers. If it is, I am happy to accept some hard cash in exchange for positive reviews careful, objective consideration for a show I would almost surely, based on what I see in this trailer, give very negative reviews!

If not, well–we’ll see just how much this rocks my soul. [Folds arms skeptically]

HT to Xebek for this.