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Queen’s Blade s2 03 – I would love a tentacle rape

Of Elina, the spoiled little sister of Claudette and Leina. I have absolutely no love for this character unless I could see her in a highly sexual situation. So far, I haven’t. She has been constantly whining, bitching and complaining about everything being not suited to her taste. Oh, the awful!

I’ll tell ya, I don’t like Nix as a character that much either. But as she is played by Rierie, I can’t help but hope for her victory. Of course I was disappointed. Of course.

No, I wasn’t touched when that poor servant girl handed Nix some bread. I didn’t watch the show for any sympathetic elements.

The bitch wins with little exposure. Nips are no longer enough – they’re bare minimum of fan service for me.

I can see that the writers behind this episode tried very hard to mix action, thoughts, feelings and battle commentary and presenting the mix in a better light than DBZ or a much better example, Initial D. The issue with those is that the talking and other side plot progressions tend to break up the pace too much. In this case, that is still the problem. The pace of the battle is broken up and I had to adjust a little.

Not good. Even as a fan of this show, I didn’t like that too much. That said, I do feel this is a stronger attempt than most battle-cum-commentary mix shows.

There is one other thing that I don’t like. Risty/Listy and her new alien/otherworldly/creepy and butt ugly outfit. I thought it was rather unfitting having her being used for the Queen’s plot, but I was even more shocked seeing her get garb.

I’ve got one thing to say to you, girl. It’s murderously terrible. I want the old Risty back. Or at least, give her a better outfit, please? I don’t care how the original book went, just give her a better outfit that shows more of her strong feminine bod?

I watched this episode 3 days ago and I still need to pull my jaw back up from the floor after seeing that outfit.

I’m looking forward to the tag team/Battle Royal match, though.

Queen’s Blade S2 01 – My Staff and Rod shall be your comfort

Queen’s Blade S2 starts out quite differently from season 1 by filling the episode up with intrigue and intentions. As most of us know, it’s a service show borderline hentai that caters to men and some lesbians mostly. It is not for most people. In fact, one of my friends who recently started watching a lot of mainstream stuff downloaded the fan sub of episode one, season one, and as soon as he saw Melona’s milk attack, he turned it off.

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