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Tsundere Banana End of 2009 Special

Only a few minutes before 2010 rolls around on the East Coast and a few hours before Midwest and a few more for West Coast! If you are not spending time with anyone or not many people and still have a little bit ear time, this episode is for you!

It’s 10:55 in length so it’s rather long. You’ve been warned!

This Episode: Ray talks about Canaan’s plots, Gundam 00 and the real thing to focus on for men for that show, Scientific Railgun (great animation with the rain scene) and Kimi no Todoke. Ray is being his clumsy, fast-talking self, of course.

(Just recorded this 1 hour 20 minutes ago…Busy, busy…)

HAPPY 2010 from Anime Diet to YOU!

Suguru’s look back at 2009

What do you think is going to power Gundam Fight?

Steam? Don’t make me laugh. See the graph/illustration below from gigazine.jp


Japan: 9650.

Don’t you get it? Then go see Gundam V. If Japan wanted, they could make some – maybe not a lot, but some. Hell, I want them to power the RX-78 “Dummy” with it! Didn’t you  know? In about a few hundred years, they will make Gunbuster based on nuclear power! Space Monsters beware! The Japanese is here! Inazumaaaaaaaa Kick! Solar powered reaction drive in  Gundam 00? What do you think solar power is based on?

Lol XD. Moving on…

Bakemonogatari 06 – Loli and VIOLENCE!


I could not believe my eyes when I saw the brutal ending of the episode!

My mind did register the fact that Arararararararagi (my tongue tripped) could not die.

After all, he is an immortal character.

However, I became so shocked at what happened that I was stunned for half a minute.

The mind-numbing bloody violence shut down my thinking circuit for quite a while. I was enjoying the episode as a pleasant freak comedy show while shocked at how Saito Chiwa has matured at her voice acting. Maybe she got much maturer thanks to her role in Gundam oo? But her voice acting  is great in this show and her character, Sanjogahara, is simultaneously sexy, alluring, elegant, fun in a quirky way and oh yes, still quite dangerous.

Hajikuji is such a fun and well-characterized loli, but damn, they just had to use her for fan service (as complained by The Fin at Moe Sucks). Why? She’s quite a likable child, leave her the fuck out of lolicon fantasies!

This show has been a quirky watch and for those who likes “Shinboisms” and excellent character interactions, please try it. Oh and graphic artists please don’t miss it.

Ray: “loli and violence, loli and violence, loli and violence, chichan! loli and violence, chichan!”  (singing by the way of puncolle)

Bamboo Blade Ep 19 – this episode kicks ass but her English sucks ass


Ass, ass, ass. No, I’m not talking about a donkey-like creature that the savior of the world sat on, and I’m not really talking about anyone’s shiny behind. But This episode accomplishes two different types of asses:

The humor kicks ass, but as in many other shows where a purely Japanese seiyuu trying to speak English and pretending to be a real English speaker, in this case a supposedly NATIVE Californian, the English sucks asssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. No, it’s not the sound of a hissing snake – it’s the sound of something that sucks a certain part of the body non-stop.

Enough with that. I think I’ve finally got this show figured out a little. With the right mixture of barefoot high school girls, sweat, youth, exaggerated but still kept in check tongue in cheek humor, a super talented kendo Otaku heroine, and a section of touching violin music playing when something emotional happens, we have a winning formula. Oh, the characters are fun, especially Miya-Miya.

But with her seiyuu being in Claymore, I kept telling her: “Use the Flash Blade against this Undine! You’ll win!”

But damn, she loses. It’s time to ask for more power and starting awaking parts of your body, Clare, I mean, Miya-Miya.

I do get the feeling that the Armadillo Boy has balls as opposed to Raki, who doesn’t.

As for Undine, I mean Kerry, I can’t tell you how suck ass her fake English is, because it’s indescribably bad…OK, well, maybe compare with other’s, she’s not worse, but she’s not better either.

But ni dao ryu is cool. Except I didn’t think anyone was allowed to do that in a kendo match in real life.

But Miya-Miya failed to channel Clare and lost. She’s all gas but no steam. She’s all attitude but no power. Eh. Oh well.

Seriously though, it’s a great episode and very enjoyable. I loved it.

Gundam 00 ep 14 – Could there be ANY danger of the Gundams losing?


No. Haven’t you seen GW where one gundam can wipe out 100-plus mobile suits? Here, the Gundams are almost god-like, which is even more powerful than GW Gundams, despite whatever that guy said. Yes, THAT guy.

Hey, don’t get pissed at me. More characters have been added to this episode (and it’s all still very confusing and annoying)…For yaoi fan’s pleasure – GAR and little brother/younger man. That’s right, the dude who was doing one arm push ups and the sissy (yep, you read that, another sissy) who was wearing a one piece (is that for girls? I know, I know, 50’s man swimsuits).

In any case, Heero Yui…I mean Setuna goes to Marina Ismael (gosh I love her long black hair and lith body…but no way in hell would a Muslim country accept a woman leader) and ask her some stupid question: “Why is the world twisted?” And OF COURSE she gives an answer that says that God/god/Allah/Real Master/whatever is fair, it’s just people…

Oooh. Trying to comfort him? But we know that people are evil already and Marina is Relena-like idealist. Gosh, get the heroine a new personality or something!

The ending theme changes to these 4 gay guys having a Bar-B-Q on beach (middle eastern style?) And of course to the delight of yaoi fan girls, Setsuna strips naked.

Thanks to Sumeragi’s breasts, the day is saved (for me)!

So, another useless effort by normal earth-dwelling peasants trying to fight off heavenly invaders who live among resource rocks floating in space near the COLONIES THAT THE US BUILT.

Nice reference there, son. But we all know in reality, not Japan but US will make colonies in space, if that were to happen, har har har har har har!

Good luck fighting the fat Gundam greasing up and stroking that BFG.

That scientist dude with the long pony tail just shows the secret military data to Sumeragi, a supposedly civilian personnel, trying to impress her or something so she’d go out with him and sleep with him; I mean, big breasts would make a man lose his intelligence and show just about any high-level sensitive data to the girl, right? Makes a hell lot of sense especially when all she wears are small tops that shows clevege and she drinks a ton.

So here’s a tip, kind of be firm and ask her to stay and buy her expensive drinks! Duh! Twin peaks are within your grasp…Oh I get it. I know why the doc can’t score with Sumeragi.

Because that would severely displease all the yaoi fan girls who wants the Captain to do the doc in the ass.

I’m in despair over how gundam has turned out.

Yeah, oh well, we do have plot improvement. But I think they should officially place Gundam 00 as a shojo anime and draw a shojo manga for it. After all, Escaflowne came out of a shojo manga.

But Escaflowne has a better plot, better music, better characters (not a massive number of them), better conflict, oh and not to mention…

The main guy actually gets a girl!

Michael’s 2007 Diet Awards, Part 2: The Losers

So…what shows and movies deserve a place in the hall of shame rather than the hall of fame? Since I tend to give up on shows I dislike very quickly, it’s shorter than the winners’ list. But we’ve still got plenty to populate this, the first annual Diet Demerits!

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Gundam 00 ep08 – There shall the fire devour thee; the sword shall cut thee off, it shall eat thee up like the cankerworm.

Finally, a great episode where these loser CBs actually do something right.

I was satisfied to see the terrorists get blown up and slaughtered. Good job, CB!

Why the hell am I 4 fucking episodes late? Because I started hating having to write something about anime! Dammit!

It was a good episode. I promise I’ll write something about episode 12.


Fall 2007 season – the fall of Otaku


[Editor’s note: this is a part of the Anime Blogger Collective effort. I’m Ray and after Mike asked me, I decided to contribute! For other excellent articles, see these –Roxas, Karura, CCYoshi, Martin, Hige, J. Valdez, Xerox and Owen.]

Yeah, I’ve tried to cover a lot of shows in Fall 2007, and since then I’ve concentrated my efforts on 4 of them while keeping an eye on others that I were blogging before. For me, so far none of the shows impressed me or elicited in me strong reactions as I have for some shows in Summer 2007.

Shows that I’ve been reviewing for the fall: Gundam 00, Genshiken s2, Blue Drop, Bamboo Blade, and Sketch Book – Full Color’s.

Shows that I’ve reviewed or talked about in the summer: Claymore, El Cazador, and Zetsubo Sensei.

Please note that I’m well aware that the shows that I’ve been writing about varies in genre and making strict and direct comparison is obviously unfair. However, compare with the quality and the variety of shows I’ve experienced for summer, I find shows in the fall somewhat lacking. Of course, also note that this is only the mid-season review and many shows have yet to be fully developed and still have vast potential.

Next is my view on the shows I’ve been writing reviews about and some of my observation for fall 2007 in general.

Continue reading Fall 2007 season – the fall of Otaku

Gundam 00 ep 07 – It’s boring watching these gods fighting normal soldiers


I wish I could like these 4 more. I really do.

If it weren’t for Sumeragi’s nice cleverage, I’d skip forward all the fighting sequences and just watch the politics (and I normally hate politics!)

GW’s fighting sequence were really cool, even though the GW Gundams were also slaughtering, but the impact and the sounds are simply awesome. The CB fighting sequences are sometimes so short and almost like place holders. And the worse part is –

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Anime Diet Radio Episode 15 – The Legendary Cursed Episode…


This special episode was supposed to be released on Halloween, but certain…curses of sorts fell on me that very day. I’m still picking up the pieces from that scariest of days. This is a simple episode, in which we talk about only a few things–the mailbag, and the GOOD, the BAD, and the HORRIBLE of the fall season! (Shows include: ef-a tale of memories, Minami-ke, Gundam 00, Ghost Hound, Kaiji, Genshiken, Kimikiss Pure Rouge, and Kawaii Jenny.)

Also, if you noticed that this podcast sounds a little different, it’s because Ray so kindly volunteered to edit it! [Editor’s note: I don’t use Apple so no AAC, and Mike is swamped with work to edit it and make it AAC format. Gomen nasai!] I think you’ll agree he did a great job.So, enjoy this very late Halloween episode…if you dare. Bwahahahahaha!

Show Order

Show Notes

  • OP – “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni,” Eiko Shimamiya (OP of When They Cry – Higurashi)
  • ED – “Poltergeist,” Kojima Mayumi (OP of Ghost Hound)
  • Music clips – “Fearful Experience,” Meguro Masashi, “Kiru,” Eitetsu Hayashi & Kaoru Wada, SAMURAI 7 Image Album, “Girls on Film,” Duran Duran. “Eva 01,” Evangelion soundtrack, and various music clips from Lucky Star.
  • Sound clips -From “Jigoku Shojo,” “Suzumiya Haruhi,” “The Blair Witch Project,” “From Dusk till Dawn.”
  • Read the comments from Random 11, korosora here (9). Read the comments from Benu and Daniel here (10).
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Gundam 00 ep 6 – upgrading God


I figured that an upgrading was coming. Time for model fans to shell out more money.

To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t like the design of any of the 4 gundams, maybe except Heavy Gundam with the guns. I though that Freedom Gundam and its predecessor from Gundam Seed was awesome, but the Gundams here simply don’t impress me.

That being said, this is definitely one of the more intelligent Gundam in recent years. Political intrigue, conflicting opinions, character contrasts…This has it all.

I got sick of watching one Gundam destroying like 20 plus enemy crafts within one second. I got really sick of that after watching Gundam Wing.

It’s also hard to follow the characters, because there are just so freaking many characters in this one. Way too many.

France is still selling weapons to Middle Eastern countries. But that’s fine. Money is money.

I’m just surprised that Europeans in this show didn’t exactly make it to space. That’s higtly unlikely.

I wish I could give an in depth analysis and not just glossing over, but there are just so many characters and so many subplots to keep track of. It’s way too complex for my taste and I’ve got 3 other shows to write about. It’s safe to say that Setuna is getting most of the drama so far, as he seems to encounter his old mentor or leader of the resistance force that he used to be in on the battle field as an enemy. I hope this turns out to be more interesting.

No one’s wearing a mask yet. But we have Newtypes running around. The lieutenant from China/Russia/India side can sense Allelujah…Allelujah… Allelujah…A-L-L-E-L-U-J-A-H (I’m thinking Eva mind rape of Asuka by the angel with the music playing in the background, well the lieutenant is a girl, and Allelujah is a guy, so….uh, never mind).

The episodes are fine, it’s just that too many characters are there and too many plots are going, and the unnecessary comic relief character wasn’t remotely funny at all.

85% recommended.

Gundam 00 ep 05 – a Newtype rip off, a psychopath, and who will inherit Char’s mask?


I think I’m impressed.

Who would’ve guessed that Allellujah Haptism has a split personality so much like the Newtypes, or rather, the artificial Newtypes developed by Murasame Research Institute in Zeta?

It’s very clear who’s the product of the “Newtype research”, and she gets…well, a pink “Zaku”, not quite red. But hey, there’s a mask…Just not very distinctive.

This episode has quite a few references. One of them is the sensory thing that Newtypes have when near each other. Another one is Gundam and Zaku saving something and preventing it from falling unto Earth.

I’m very intrigued that they would actually pull some classic Gundam references out of their hat. Gundam Kyrios kind of remind me of Zeta Gundam.

Other than that, as most of you probably have already seen, this episode doesn’t do that much. One interesting thing we get to learn is that Haptism has a very dark past and something akin to the nano-machines inside the lieutenant who pilots the pink Zaku, and somehow they’ll be connected.

CB help saving people…Is that surprising? I don’t know. All I know is that this episode makes the whole series that much more intriguing.

The verdict is still out that who will wear a mask and become the arch enemy of Setsuna.

For the US audience, I think the creators of this one read Michael Moore’s books. But hey, I got a lot of dough during Clinton era, so I’m all for it (again, the president dude looks like good ol’ Bill).

90% recommended.