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Prog metal + anime = weird?

Wow. I’m late to this news item, I guess, but better late than never: one of my favorite (since 1995) bands, Dream Theater, hired Gonzo Studio to do their latest music video:

It doesn’t really look like typical anime at all, not until you see some closeups of the female character and the eyes of both. There’s some CGI of future Paris in the end; stylistically, it really resembles rotoscoping like in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly than traditional animation.

Musically, it’s DT’s catchiest song in a long time. They’re known–and loved by old prog rock folks like me–for their unabashed shredding and noodling in odd time signatures and for very lengthy songs. I’ve been into prog rock for years longer than I’ve been into anime, and with this, all my main interests–theology, music, writing, and anime–have at last met in a single blog!

(I know I’ve been absent for a while. Midterm season is over, though, so I should be joining the fray more in the coming days. Thanks for your patience.)

Japanese guests in an anime event in UK.

From Anime UK News

Afro Samurai manga-ka at October’s London Expo 

…London MCM Expo (20-21 Oct) will be kicking off and in addition to three already confirmed anime-related guests…GDH (Gonzo) will be attending with manga-ka Takashi Okazaki (the original creator of their popular Afro Samurai TV series)…

Ray’s take:…You don’t want to hear my take on Afro-Samurai related news, do you? (Putting away his industrial strength mouth wash). But alas, SLJ won’t be in UK for this event. Do people at Britain even care about his performance in Pulp Fiction and his trademark swearing bit?