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Secret Santa Survival Guide: Satisfying fujoshi curiosity…

Okay just days before Christmas, what happens if you happen to pull from a secret Santa hat, someone who is either a female you know likes the bl fandoms, or if they are the boyfriend to a girl who is a bl-fangirl? Then what? So these are pretty nifty ideas for giving them as gifts.

For the boyfriend…..

My Girlfriend’s a Geek, Vol. 1 (My Girlfriend’s a Geek (manga)) ($9.34 new from Amazon.com) (Yen Press, 2010.)

Now there’s a Novel (image above is the cover) and a graphic novel version, but either one is fine….and dependent on reading taste.

Another choice would be…

Fujoshi Rumi Volume 1 ($10.19 new from Amazon.com) (Media Blasters, 2008.)

This is definitely about what it takes for a guy to develop a crush on a glasses wearing fujoshi. This is another take on My Girlfriend is a Geek, so as the other in a relationship, how do you handle your girlfriend’s interests?

Now for a females….

If they don’t have this in their collection, then it is not supporting the bl-industry..

Junjo Romantica Season 1 Dvd Collection ($44.99 from Amazon.com) (Right Stuf, 2010)

This is a nice straight off the bat identifiable bl title. It is not as ambiguous as Gravitation, but it has its moments.

For the cat boy lovers, and the really hot guys lovers.. ignore the shota aspects, but check out…also has fantastic music, and battle scenes.

Loveless Complete Slimpack ($14.99 from Amazon.com) (Anime Works, 2009.)

Now as a safe safe gift, you can always produce a gift certificate form Akadot Retail. I am very very sure that any bl-fan would totally love it, since Akadot has a large collection of yaoi books/media.

Secret Santa Survival Guide: Part Hikikomori

safety is an illusion

You draw a name from the hat, choosing your secret santa for the season.

Who IS this person you chose? You know nothing about them except that you don’t see them much. You think they have a job, working somewhere, doing something. You believe they exist, as occasionally you see a message posted under one of their million aliases on some forum in the vast interwebs.

You have to get a gift for the recluse: the hikikomori.
Don’t worry, I’m here to help you out!
Great gifts for the hikikomori;
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Secret Santa Survival Guide; Part Pedobear

You’re passed the hat full of all your anime club’s member’s names and you take a folded piece of paper out…

… darn it! You picked the pedobear of your crew. What in the world are you going to get them?

Here’s a guide to help you out;

Boku no Pico… yes, yes. The ultimate “are you f’real?” pedobear fare. I haven’t seen it, and no one I know will admit they’ve watched it either. Leads me to believe this is undoubtedly the perfect anime for the Pedobear in your life.

As the youngest member of the Azumanga Dioh! crew, she seems to be a fan favorite among many. Thank goodness she’s got friends to protect her, though if you feel up for it you can place her into the arms of the Pedobear. She won’t put up a fight.

Criminal Girls for the PSP Train your little girls to do bad things within settings such as a dungeon and when they disobey you, you get to punish them. This game also features interactive “rest” features. It’s really an adorable game, though I don’t think a Pedobear could ask for more.

Rilakkuma Room Shoes (Bear Slippers) Help them creep around more quietly by giving the soft house slippers in the shape of, what else: a bear.

Sometimes, it’s good to know that little kids don’t like to be messed with. Remind the Pedobear of this with Gunslinger Girl which depicts young girls who were “saved” and trained by a government who brainwashes them along with handing them over to an officer in the force. Often the little girls become obsessed with the men. This is not the manga for the faint of heart, it gets quite gruesome and deranged at times.

Forget the hippo! What a geeky gal really wants this winter!

A lot of people seem to think I’m easy for shop for, and it’s true; you can give me a ball of tin foil and I’ll be entertained for hours. Think of all you can do with tin foil! You could make a hat… or a gravy boat… or even turn it into a super cool shirt. (Nipple covers, at least. Depends how large that ball of foil is.)

Well, now that I’m going to end up with 50 balls of tin foil in my stocking here’s a list for you original gents and gems who feel like giving someone (particularly someone spiffy and silly and spacey) something especially fantastic;

High School of the Dead (1) on DVD Blue Ray and High School of the Dead (2) on DVD Blue Ray
Don’t be fooled by the gratuitous panty shots, ladies really dig this series. I know, I am one. I’ve also seen some of the straightest women in the world turn a bit yuri watching HOTD. It’s the zombies. Apocalypse never gets old and watching zombie’s brains get bashed excites women. This can be considered a gift for the receiver AND the giver.

Ready for a play date?
Saeko Busujima 1/8 Cast off Figurine
I told you, HOTD does odd things to ladies. I’d probably play with Saeko every day. Goodness, I’d post pics of her all the time too! Hah, she’d become the star of my posts. Admit it, you kinda wanna play with Saeko too!

Unfortunately, the main anime soundtrack I’d love to obtain is unavailable.
In case it ever reappears on Amazon, I’ll keep that link there.
Angel Beats! is a terrific anime that follows Maeda’s obsession with winged creatures, themes of death and renewal, as well it contains a lot of bloodshed which for a Maeda creation may be untypical, though it’s well played here. The music is at times airy, and at times it plays into the heavy hearted anime so well that it’s the breaking point between “I’m too strong to cry” and “that’s so sad, wah wah wah.” I imagine put to the background of my or another’s life, it would add an intriguing beat. Definitely would love to have some of these gorgeous piano pieces playing in my headphones.

Kompeito This is my most recent addiction, and I have to admit my favorite thing for people to do is feed into my addictions! This candy is fairly inexpensive, yet so BRIGHT and SO SO COLORFUL!!!! It tastes like pure sugar and sweetness, though a bag lasts awhile and certainly makes an impression in a candy bowl. They occasionally stock these in a grocery store near me, and I get a bunch just to have around. As well, they are one of my favorite candies to send to friends around the globe. For someone not used to the Otaku culture, it’s only strange enough to be interesting though not overwhelming enough to turn a person away before they try it out.

Hetalia is amazing in all forms. It’s a bit of history with enough caring male characters to be categorized as “BL” without being overtly yaoi-ish, and a fan base to make any con involving a Hetalia meet-up memorable. The fan fics are probably half the fun of this series, though even someone not into the subculture this series has created, if you know anyone into history they’ll get a kick out of this.

Samurai Sword Umbrella
It’s been raining for days and days in my hometown, so this super cool umbrella would be completely appropriate.

Due it being cold and gloomy, this next item may be the ultimate gift that I’ve never been given;
Silly hats for the win.

If you know anyone like me, or know me, or just like to give gifts then check the items on the list out. It’s not too late for that perfect gift!

12 Days of Food Shopping Season..

Okay since Gendo Mike went and is doing an 12 Moments aspect.. and I already did a Gift Guide.. I figure why not just do another one.. and this time to the tune of that song.. that you won’t really want to hear any other time of the year….

Slight disclaimer here.

  • I don’t own the song, yet I am free changing the lyrics a bit.
  • THIS is not reflective of my own wish list.. just an idea as to what makes great gifts.. and not necessarily manga, although my own opinion is that a manga for everyone NEVER hurts.
  • So feel free to laugh if you get over through this silly tune.


On the first day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

One limitless wallet..

On the second day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Two boxes of alley cat!

On the third day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Three cans of food drop variety.

On the fourth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Four tubes of pop!!

On the fifth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Five red hot chips!

On the sixth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Six packs of Kit Kats… limited or regular.

On the seventh day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Seven cans of Asuka!

On the eight day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Eight cups of miso.

On the ninth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Nine sheaf of weed!

On the tenth day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Ten packs of Konpeit… hard sugar sweetness.

On the eleventh day of shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Eleven boxes of pocky.

On the twelfth day of  shopping season my dear friend gave to me….

Twelve more choices….!

Du… la.. la.. la… hmm…..