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The Worst Manga Ever

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to participate in the Japanese delinquent world? With its immersive atmosphere, highly decompressed storytelling, and blow-by-blow action, Worst offers readers that experience.

Other manga such as Tenjou Tenge and School Rumble feature older-looking high school students who have the features of young adults rather than teens. Worst takes this a step further: most of its brawling gang bosses appear to be in their twenties or thirties, despite being high schoolers.

They look pretty old.

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Review: Seto no Hanayome–Boys to GAR

It just might make you believe it’s true.

It’s been a long time indeed since an entire anime series has moved through my life so rapidly–in this case, in the space of a week and a half from start to completion, for a full 26 episodes no less. That already tells you something about this infectious, frequently hilarious, and satisfying comedy, which has just enough heart to make it genuinely sweet as well. For once, the harem show has been done right.

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