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Let’s Bible One-Shot: The Moe of Christ

Suffering is moe.

Crucified on the cross, Jesus Christ knew profound suffering.

Therefore, Jesus Christ is profoundly moe.

This, along with a few other propositions of dubious logical merit, forms the basis of Let’s Bible, a tale of Biblical proportions that toes the line between being bizarrely funny and simply wrong. Perhaps, as James Wood said, the Creator cannot be reified, but in Let’s Bible, Jesus is certainly moefied.

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Strike Witches: The Evil Without

In our roundtable discussion on whether or not anime is art, Ray brought up an excellent point about that infamous scifi-fantasy-loli-pantsu fanservice vehicle, Strike Witches.  To wit, though the show has actual fodder for intellectual discussion, the mere fact that it shows school girls in a permanent pantyshot state renders this moot for the vast majority of viewers.  You cannot rehabilitate such a thing, the argument goes.  No amount of light will overpower this darkness.

Gaze into the abyss!

Nevertheless, with licensing confirmed for S1 and a second season reportedly on the way, an attempt should be made to see just what is good about this show.  And so, with both eyes open – fully cognizant of the anti-intellectual properties of the show – let us try to find some spark of creativity inside.

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Yotsuba gets made into a Revoltech figure…what, can anything be made into an action figure?

I just bought the Saber action figure from “Fate Stay Night” action figure from Revoltech, and I’ve been pretty impressed with it. I thought with the cheap price, it’d be a piece of junk that breaks or doesn’t do much. However, after playing with it for 3 hours, I was hooked. It has double joints and I made it do some fun sword slashing poses. But, without knowing how people stand when holding swords, it took some time to figure out how to make “Saber” stand right, and yeah, it wasn’t exactly easy to figure out how to make it stand right sometimes. I had the same problem with Gundam PGs.

I’ve never thought anyone would actually make an action figure out of Yotsuba from “Yotsubato” manga, but I’m sure glad that Revoltech (from Kaiyodo) did it. I’m not much of a “Yotsubato” fan, because I don’t think it’s as funny as Azumanga Daioh (I think its cast isn’t as funny as the cast in Azumanga Daioh), but a Yotsuba action figure from Revoltech? That’s a rather wacky idea.

From my experience with “Saber” from Revoltech, and reading the description of the Yotsubato action figure, it’s possible we have a winner here. Although again, I’m more intrigued than tickled and excited, because a “Yotsuba” isn’t my kind of action figure, or at least it isn’t my typical idea for an action figure, even with guns and all.
I hope it’s good like the 2nd generation “Saber” action figure. I’ll be playing with my Saber figure all day tomorrow, since I’ll have the day off (it’s the Taiwanese Nation-Founding Day or some shit like that).

Oh well, it’s bedtime for me here!

P.S. Yeah, we’re independent now, so…This figure is available for purchase on J-List. Support our site by buying it through us! http://affiliates.jlist.com/click/1806?url=http://www.jlist.com/PRODUCT/YOYA098