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12 Days, 12 Moments 2010: Endless Pleasure Sticks

Or, what better phrase than Otou-san’s “endless pleasure sticks” to describe the fine, long-legged ladies of two mid-year shows, Occult Academy and Ookami-san and Her Seven Friends?
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Free Food = Free Manga = Free Anime? Wha?!

What does free food has anything to do with free manga + free anime? Is Pizza Hut finally doing a campaign tied in to anime in the US? OH BOY!

Well, if you look at the first pic, you will realize this is about opinions on supporting the manga industry – don’t leave yet! There is free food! Or that’s being mentioned, at least!!! Also fan service pictures are posted through out the article!

After many years (yeah, 3 years) of thinking and probing (don’t go there) about the issue from every angle, which is encased in today’s cyberworld under the tyranny of the global Giga banker-controlled economy – think the Genom Megacorp in Bubblegum Crisis or the Tyrell Corporation in Blade Runner, I’ll give you my reflections. It’s not going to be a long article, trust me, because when you boil it down to basics, it ain’t that complex.

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Midpoint Review: Nyan Koi

The year of the cat

The first of two midpoint reviews. The second will be about Kimi ni Todoke.

Nyan Koi was one of the low-key surprises of the past season. Credits aside, it wasn’t about cat girls, and it turned out to be fairly mild on the fanservice. Instead, it specialized in the kind of “misunderstanding pile up” style comedy that made School Rumble and this show’s spiritual predecessor, Seto No Hanayome, so much fun to watch. Like the latter, it’s a formula show at heart, but one with enough real laughs–most of them provided by the cats–to make it enjoyable.

There are some things I hope the show will do in its next season, however.

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Strike Witches: The Evil Without

In our roundtable discussion on whether or not anime is art, Ray brought up an excellent point about that infamous scifi-fantasy-loli-pantsu fanservice vehicle, Strike Witches.  To wit, though the show has actual fodder for intellectual discussion, the mere fact that it shows school girls in a permanent pantyshot state renders this moot for the vast majority of viewers.  You cannot rehabilitate such a thing, the argument goes.  No amount of light will overpower this darkness.

Gaze into the abyss!

Nevertheless, with licensing confirmed for S1 and a second season reportedly on the way, an attempt should be made to see just what is good about this show.  And so, with both eyes open – fully cognizant of the anti-intellectual properties of the show – let us try to find some spark of creativity inside.

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Do the creators of H20 know Americans are going to be watching it?

They actually got a real live native English speaker for this trailer–and he even has the TV Announcer Guy voice! (He’s not deep and gravelly to have the “Movie Guy” voice though–the “in a world…” voice.) Though I can tell he probably didn’t write the following:

This is a solid juvenile renaissance…much more innocent than adolescence, much more cruel than pure love!

It does, however, have one of the all-time records for audacious promises. TV Announcer Guy, after all, assures us that


One wonders whether this is a direct pitch to American and other English-speaking fansub watchers. If it is, I am happy to accept some hard cash in exchange for positive reviews careful, objective consideration for a show I would almost surely, based on what I see in this trailer, give very negative reviews!

If not, well–we’ll see just how much this rocks my soul. [Folds arms skeptically]

HT to Xebek for this.

Umisho – Bold, new frontiers in fanservice

Umisho Title

Reminder: Our School Days Demotivational Poster contest ends in just two days! The deadline is October 6, 9:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, or October 7, 9:30 AM in Taiwan and Singapore. Please see here for more details.

Kaname Okimura, a student at Prefectoral Umineko Shougyou High (“Umisho” for short), is the captain of the school’s swim team in spite of his paralyzing fear of drowning. The club is a magnet for all kinds of oddball characters, including a new transfer student, Amuro Ninagawa. Amuro is the fastest swimmer the club has ever seen, but she’s a bit naive and frequently enjoys swimming in the nude to Okimura’s chagrin. She also strangely reminds him of a childhood seaside accident…


Umisho is everything you’d look for in a harem anime: heavy on fanservice, odd characters, and absurd humor. We’ve got Kaname, your typical harem main character, surrounded by a bevy of girls and the body parts they rub against him. This includes Amuro, the star swimmer who is blissfully innocent of her preference for swimming naked. There are a couple standouts from your typical harem anime stereotypes. Mirei is a shy, well-endowed female swimmer who has an odd appetite for the perverse things she gets put through at the hands of the boys on the swim team. Maki is the hyperactive underclassman, but there’s a running joke where she’s called “Makio” and a vaguely Super Mario Bros-esque theme plays while she’s around. (I’m hoping they take this further, even if they have to avoid overt references to the Nintendo franchise.)


While there’s certainly nothing wrong with it, I decided to pass on Umisho. I’ll admit I’m not a harem anime fan, but I was interested to see where they took the swim team premise and if they did anything interesting with it. It turns out to be simply a setting for fanservice, and the “What?? How does he have that much power?!” battles between the swimmers. The plot we see coming from a mile away, the animation is good, and I was happy with the voice acting. At the end of the day, it’s a harem anime, a pretty good one, but that’s what it is. (I’m sure Mike has a bit to add here, if he can put down Seto no Hanayome long enough and switch to another anime about swimming =) )

MermaidSwim Battle

If this genre is your cup of tea, you should enjoy Umisho. There’s ten episodes out now, more than enough to make a decision on.