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Interview with Carlo Santos, an ANN reviewer

While chilling outside the room for Horie Yui’s panel to begin, I met Carlo. Or rather, he stood up and announced his presence to the world by playing anime/Jpop music on his violin. Impressed, I recorded his performance and then interviewed him. Enjoy the interview…

Interview with Carlo Santos, an ANN writer and industry pro from Ray Hu on Vimeo.

Guerilla report with a fellow blogger

OK, whatever term you want to use for it. But anyway, I interviewed Tony Wang, AKA Kylaran, while waiting to get May’N’s autograph. He’s a really cool guy and writes for the Nihon Review. Enjoy the interview of a fellow otaku!

Interview with Tony Wang from the Nihon Review AKA Kylaran from Ray Hu on Vimeo.

I just love young folks taking up the baton for the Anime Bloggersphere!