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The Brother and Sisterhood of Fan: Oreimo’s Two Families

Oreimo, perhaps the most surprising show of the season, has sparked a lot of discussion across the blogosphere. Is it a more realistic depiction of sibling life, at least compared to the rancidly moe depiction of little sisters in recent anime? Or is it just another incest-fest waiting to happen, as a jaundiced interpretation of the most recent episode might suggest? Heck, might it be a covertly Christian lesson in turning the other cheek and loving your enemies?

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Clannad 7-8: The End of Memory

The heartbreak

I can’t help it. The Fuko arc really does work after all, in spite of itself. Maybe the reason why the arc is so long is because it needed that time to settle in the viewer’s mind, but there’s something primal and powerful about where this story is headed that I can’t help but be touched by.

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Clannad 5-6: Are You My Lucky Star?

Well, I wouldn’t put it that bluntly…

The Fuko arc kicks into full gear, and the result is something that feels, well, much more like previous Key productions and less like the refreshingly different feel of the earlier ones focusing on Nagisa. Key has always been sentimental, but I think this arc feels a bit excessively so, to the point where I felt a bit emotionally detached the whole time.

The entire review presumes that you know what Fuko’s true condition is. It should thus be considered a spoiler in its entirety.

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Clannad 3–A Little Step Back

I don’t know how I can write reviews sometimes too!

I remember I was gushing over episode 2, probably more for personal reasons than for genuine artistic ones (though I do think this is the strongest start to a Key show ever), and so it was just a little disappointing to see it slip back into a more “typical” kind of mode with this episode. Of course, it’s way too early to prejudge anything–dang it, I learned that lesson by now!–but this episode more than the previous ones felt more like a collection of loosely connected vignettes rather than a more cohesive story that was pulling forward in a certain direction.

On the other hand, it was also genuinely funny.

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Clannad 2–The Rainy Season

Nagisa, saint of moe sadness, pray for us otaku, now and in the hour of our loneliness

I must be succumbing to the Borglike consensus or something: I liked this episode. A lot. Very much. Just but short of love, but only just. So far the show looks very promising and I’m beginning to warm to the main set of characters, which, when it happens at this early stage, is almost always a good sign.

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Clannad 1–Family Matters

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Let’s jump on a show everyone will watch.

Whee, I’m on the bandwagon everyone! I’ve never actually quite figured out why the anime blogosphere in particular is full of moe fans, but it’s always these shows that get blogged the most…and seeing that this one has the best chance of being quality, I’m giving it a shot. And, like both the beginning of Air and Kanon 2006, it starts fairly strong.

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