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Magical Girl Madoka 6 and 7 make me want my Sailor Moon back

Oh wow…

I mean, I’ve waited long enough for the show to grab me, to bite me, or to tell me “you don’t like me? Bite me.” Finally, the emotional intricacy is played out. The bitter consequences, which may remind some people about a certain mecha show and the bitter consequences of being a pilot in that show (No, I’m definitely NOT talking about Eva), really hit where it hurts. Though, I still have some reservations. For me, the childish drawings of the characters really detracts from the experience, when in fact, it’s suppose to add to it.

That said, man, these two episodes really packed an one-two punch. Anyone else out there think Qubei is THE DEVIL? To all of us, it’s now obvious Qubei is NOT even remotely the good guy here. Shimuzu Ai’s Qubei is innocent, cute, deceitfully harmless, but its apparent lack of any sympathy for the human condition really sends awful chills up my spine.

Once again, I totally missed what the beautiful images of this show conveys. It’s my loss. But for me, the acting and the trickery plus the hubris (ha ha, misusing a big word) make up for the experience.

But you know, the little girl inside me screams: “Mommy! Mommy! I want Sailor Moon back!”

Where is the pure belief in love and justice? Where have all the Sailor Soliders gone?

I mean, the zeigeist indicates bitterness, distrust and misplaced loyalties, as well as deceit and lies. But man, even the purest of the pure genres has now fallen under this negativity and distrust. It does make a great show, but it makes an old guy from the 80’s and 90’s sad.

The show did pick up for me, and that’s all that matters. The soundtrack remains perfect. My bottomline? Only now, it’s starting to be a worthy watch.

Timotei, timotei, timotei!!! (From Lucky Star episode 6)

I actually have no bloody idea what this one is about except it’s something like a tribute to a shampoo commercial by Konata in Lucky Star episode 6. This was done by request. Enjoy!