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Kanamemo 09 – lolis and dogs

For all you loli fans out there, you may want to wait for the DVD to come out, but in any case…

Today, we get to learn about Mika’s dere-dere side concerning dogs. It’s really a cute and a small heart warming story being told by a girl. What could be better than that?

For anyone who was waiting for Haruka to get her way with the two prime lolis, you may become disappointed. She is tied up and never gets to either of them.

This is one of those healing episodes where girls spend time with a dog and all feminine cuteness radiates throughout the episode.

Oh, and Kana thinks she needs to go on a diet because her butt is bigger but her chest isn’t (thanks to Haruka keeping tab on these things), and she decides to get on a diet. Yume and Yuki encourages and finds a way for her to get on a “healthier” diet, which involves wearing a Disney-esque costume and delivering newspaper in the heat.

For all the scenes of Kana in her undies and even ripping open her shorts, please say: “DVD.”

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ef 02 – I can’t quite put my finger on it…


…and I know I say that very often, but something’s going on here that’s not quite right. Something about Chihiro (Rei Ayanami).

In episode 1, I was wondering why every time she sees Renji (Raki) it’s like she’s meeting him for the first time. Now I do know why, but I have say it’s a little bit contrived. I did not know people can lose 13 hours worth of memories everyday, but still remembers who they are and what they do and so on. This is one of the devices that dating sims love to use.

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