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A Personal Reflection: AX, Comic-Con, and What We’re Here For


I wrote this on the train home from San Diego, at the conclusion of Comic-Con 2009. For me, this is the end of the con season; I don’t anticipate going to New York Anime Festival this year and it’s up in the air if I will return to Pacific Media Expo. Before I flood y’all with videos, I’d like to take stock of what the last month or so has been like for me as editor of Anime Diet, and as an avid con-going fan of anime.

To put it briefly: Anime Expo 2009 was more about work, and Comic Con was more about fun.

Note: this is not really a review of the conventions as conventions, of which there is plenty to talk about out separately. You can find out more about that in the forthcoming videos. This is more about what the cons felt like subjectively.

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Comic Con 09: Bandai Panel Liveblog

6:34 PM – people are still filing in. Looks like this will be a popular panel.

6:39 PM – Lantis is putting anime music on iTunes US. Haruhi OST, Shuffle, Oneigai Teacher, Hirano Aya, JAM Project, etc.

6:40 PM – why is it that Powerpoint presentations rarely come off smoothly? Kannagi, of course, was revealed at Otakon already.

6:41 PM – severe popping and feedback in an attempt to play Kannagi trailer. It’s pretty awful to tell the truth. Wait–now it’s working.

6:43 PM – Pre-selling vol 2 of Kannagi with an exclusive T-shirt.

6:44 PM – Bandai’s Youtube channel includes Kurokami, Gundam 00, etc

6:45 PMEureka 7 theatrical movie: “Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers.” To be released in 432 theaters on Sept 24th (tix on sale on August 21) in the US. Now playing trailer. One night only. Dubbed.

6:47 PMSword of the Stranger trailer.

6:49 PMKurokami OP. Heh, I remember when this was only showing on a channel. Now they finally turn off the lights too.

6:51 PMCode Geass trailer. R2 DVDs out in August.

6:54 PMGundam 00 first season trailer. (corrected from 2nd season). Available already (July 21).

6:56 PMGurren Lagann trailer. I think I’ll be skipping the rest of the trailers.

7:02 PM – I remember when they licensed Hayate at last year’s AX…it’s only now they’re putting out DVDs.

7:11 – Manga updates, and then Q&A. Looks like no new license announcements. I guess the Otakon bomb was enough.

I think that’s good for today. Maybe I’ll go to Viz and Funi if they have one too.