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Picnisto Manifesto: Picnic anime and picnotherapy

Picnic. Nobody can imagine how much I’ve wanted that for a long time… What’s the best situation to mingle with girls? Picnic. How long I have dreamed of it… That’s what I always have on my mind whenever I fantasize myself chatting with girls. But picnically speaking, I never had any chance to have a picnic as a dude. What a miserable life… So, I’ve become an otaku with 2-D complex. But why am I idealizing picnic this much? Why picnic in the first place?

Picnoanalysis Of Picnicist

It was Trapp Family Story (1991), an anime adaptation of The Sound Of Music, that imprinted me with the idea of picnic. Since then, my mind has always been picnical. Yes, picnicality. In French, picnique. And my ethnicity is picnicity. In Spanish, picnicidad. So, it was an anime that made me yearn for picnic! My life time wish! Make my wish come true!

That’s why I really want to have a picnic, a cup of tea, sandwiches, snacks and cookies, having a little chat, spending idly at park with the beautiful nature. Sandwich, onigiri, and tea, all carried in one picnic basket. Yes, a picnic basket is the key! The most amazing eco kit!

And I want to sing a song together at picnic. Like Julie Andrews playing guitar singing Do Re Mi with Trapp kids in green pastures. Since then, I’ve always wanted to play guitar. Yes, just one acoustic guitar is perfect for picnic. Its portability, the best picnic instrument! Songs like Beatles’ Till There Was You, in sweet fragrant meadows... or Konoki Nannoki, one of the most renowned tree-hugger songs in Japan!

Picnic is also known to enhance beauty, evident from the movie, Picnic At Hanging Rock. Oh yes, this year is the 111th Valentine’s Day since Picnic at Hanging Rock (1900)! Yet, I didn’t get to enjoy a picnic date on Valentine’s Day, so it is the 111th Black Day for me instead!

Ahh, picnic, i.e., The Luncheon on the Grass! Instead of the lunatic on the grass! The 19th century’s picnograph! Picnoplasma! The 21th century’s picnograph is anime!

How relaxing and therapeutic…very iyashi-kei. Very mori-girl type. Picnic is indeed very eco.

Eco-date is essentially jitaku-date (house date or indoor date), but picnic is outdoor, so some argue that picnic isn’t compatible with eco-date. However, here is my counterargument:

Surely, picnic is completely an outdoor activity, which makes me to lie down in green pastures. The best siesta you can ever get! Psalm 23 is all about picnic! And the closing passage says, “I will dwell in the House of the Lord.” So, what is this “House”? In Greek, it is oikos, which is the original word for “eco”! Therefore, picnic is the epitome of eco! Yes, picnic date is the eco-date!

Study of picnic is picnics or picnocology . Its faith is picnicism or picnism. So, as a picnician, I can assure you that picnic provides picnical support. Actually Adam and Eve were having a picnic under the tree of knowledge, that’s how they gained picnosis. Picnic + gnosis (knowledge) = picnosis. Picnotized by the Serpent, the first recorded picnotist. And what venue did Jesus use to teach the Beatitudes? Picnic! Sermon on the Mount was in fact a group picnic! Thus, picnic is divine!

Ah, the pictures that Cheburashka enjoys a tea time with Mochida Kaori at picnic, a truly divine moment…, I am exactly this Cheburashka doll! My heart is as empty as Cheburashka! Like that garakuta robot from Clannad! Fill my heart with picnic! Picnic tea party!

Picnic is relaxing, such a cozy environment, so it gets comfortably drowsy, half-sleep. It’s nice to heal your body and soul from the stress of capitalism. Yes, cure this wretched otaku! Picnic is a good time to get lazy around the green. Don’t we all have the right to be lazy? Thus, picnotherapists strongly recommend that we best have a picnic date!