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NYAF Anime Blogger Roundtable

Things were rather hectic at the New York Anime Festival, but bloggers of all stripes made time for an important, self-referential summit.

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NarutakiRT served as MC, while representatives from About.com, Comics Worth Reading, Anime Vice, Anime Almanac, Ani-Gamers, Colony Drop, The Gaming Dungeon, Ogiuemaniax, Reverse Thieves, and Anime wa Bakuhatsu da! held forth. Ed from Vertical also showed up to inject an industry-side perspective.

NYAF Video Diary, Day 2

Here’s day 2 of Anime Diet’s coverage for New York Anime Festival. Here you can see highlights of the blogging panel (y’all have already seen the uncut, full version–but Youtube hasn’t!), but, more importantly, highlights of Rie Tanaka’s mini-concert. Plus, of course, there are the usual interviews with fans and bloggers alike.

The HD version, with questions subtitled, version of the blogger panel is forthcoming next, as well as Day 3–where I present highlights of the Rie Tanaka panel.