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Blue Drop Ep 02 – Torn between the sense of duty and that longing for love…


Man, Higino is very torn.

She wants to make sweet love to Mari, but she tries to strangle her in the last episode, and now when she touches Mari, she writhes in agony.

All right, all right, seriously. What this episode tells me is that Mari’s full name may not even be Watatake Mari. Not only her last name may not be hers, but her first name (Mari) may be added to her. In short, we’re not sure (except those who read the manga) if she’s even from earth.

She has the power to make Hagino’s true, blue-eyed self come out. The first time when that happened, Hagino’s beast within tries to kill Mari. This time, Hagino feels awful about something that happened and she cries while curling up into a ball.

It’s Shinji VS Asuka dilemma.

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