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New Site Layout: Anime Diet 4.5, hashin!


Welcome to version 4.5 of Anime Diet! As you can see, things look a little different–but not too different. It’s more of an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary upgrade, because there is actually a much more radical layout shift that’s coming in the months ahead–but I figured it was time, on this our third anniversary, to refresh things. Structurally, it’s pretty much the same.

New features to watch out for:

  • A new mascot! You’ve seen it before if you’ve seen any of our recent videos. Diet-tan was drawn by Jose Cardenas.
  • At the bottom of every post, you can send it to Digg, StumbleUpon, and other bookmark sites. Please use them!
  • There’s a sidebar box with links to our Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter pages. There’ll be more to come!

This should be easier to read and a little bit cleaner, too. We hope you enjoy it! (And report any bugs that you might find. And yes, I know it looks kind of like Slashdot. :))

New Site Layout (Mostly) Up

Hello everyone–welcome to the brand new, rebuffed Anime Diet! I hope this layout is a lot easier to follow and less cluttered looking than the old one. We’ve added lots of new features, including:

  • Author avatars to help identify who writes what posts.
  • Page numbers in category pages and search results.
  • Dropdown menus, at long last, for the site’s major sections. A category redo is in the immediate future as well, so it won’t be so cluttered and scattered as before.
  • Individual staff pages. Now you can see what each one of us has written!
  • Removed the reCaptcha plugin. Many of you complained, and I decided the costs were outweighing the benefits. We will be looking into additional spam protection elsewhere.
  • I’ve written a brand new history of Anime Diet on the About page.

Things that still need work:

  • The dropdown menu plugin breaks the AJAX comment editing plugin, unfortunately. I’m still not sure why, and it sucks because that was one of my favorite features. It will be gone until I figure out a way to reconcile the two.
  • The new banner is OK, but I think it could be better. I am considering a contest to see if anyone else can come up with one. :)
  • Something is wrong with the polling mechanism because for some reason, 400 new votes were added while I was revising the theme in the past hour!

We wanted to get this up prior to AX if at all possible, and personally, I think it was about time anyway.

Enjoy the new look! Please report any further bugs, critiques, etc. in the comments section. We are always constantly working to make things better.

Reminder: Anime Blogging Awards Nominations Ends in 3 Days

Click. You know you wanna.

This is a friendly reminder that if you are a blogger, you have only 3 days to enter your nominations for the first annual Anime Blogging Awards! Starting on April 25th, everyone, regardless of whether you have a blog or not, will be able to vote on the top 5 blogs mentioned in each of 9 categories to determine the winner.

Thanks to everyone who has nominated us for various categories, including Most Thought-Provoking, Best Team Blog, and Best Episodic Blog. Your nominations are greatly appreciated and deeply flattering. So if you feel this blog deserves a nomination in these or other categories, enter it within the next three days.

Herewith ends the “For Your Consideration” pimping. The bribes gifts are in the mail. See you at the poll!

I’m Not Dead Yet

Just wanted to assure everyone that I’m not dead yet from this blog. I am not on hiatus so much as simply immersed in the end of the quarter with 4 papers due soon, and lots of things happening in Real Life ™ too. Like actually working out at the gym, for a change. (You can take away my otaku license now, boys.)

There will be new content this week for certain, including a lengthy piece that I hope you will enjoy. Plus the next episode of the podcast, if I can find time to edit it. So stay tuned, dear readers.

My Anime List: Have You Seen What I’ve Seen?

Well, after incessant urging from Ray and numerous delays, I spent almost two hours compiling the definitive list of (approximately) every anime I’ve ever watched up to now. Wanna take a look? Here it is.


The list is approximate for incomplete shows, because I sometimes couldn’t remember just how many I had actually watched. It was also hard figuring out which ones I wanted to indicate “dropped” and which ones were “on-hold.” As you can see, I have left unfinished many, many shows, many of them quite good. Some I really do intend to return to, some 50/50, some almost certainly not regardless of their merits. I also didn’t have time to fill in dates of watching, as a good many of the shows were shown in the first era of my fandom (1999-2002 or so).  I can usually pinpoint some of the ones watched since 2006 at least, when I reentered fandom with gusto and started this blog. Maybe I’ll adjust that sometime too.

In either case, according to the statistics, I have spent approximately 41 days (984 hours), or a month and a third, of my life watching anime. Thank heavens I’m pretty picky, because I wouldn’t count most of those as wasted days! But I look at the list just of the completed shows and I’m amazed. That’s an awful lot of TV right there…I’m a literary person and have sometimes been attracted to the idea that TV rots the brain and makes one passive. Here’s to this blog as a means to fight the passivity, I suppose. :)  

Up Next from Michael this Long Weekend…

Hi everybody, it’s Mike. I’ve been away for while due to the confluence of school, staff meetings, and my parents being in town for Thanksgiving (we had our big dinner tonight rather than tomorrow). Here’s a sneak preview though of what I plan to put up this long holiday weekend:

  • Claymore director and character designer press conference transcript
  • Review/analysis of ef episode 7, as well as the same for Clannad and Kimikiss Pure Rouge
  • A fall midseason review

Thanks to Ray for keeping us alive all these days. Things are not quite yet back to normal, but they will be soon, especially after my academic quarter ends in a couple of weeks.

I’m Alive, Just Midterming–And Some Tantalizing Hints Of Things That May Happen To This Wonderful Website

Dear faithful readers of me, I know I have not posted the latest retraction for my prejudiced first impressions or my continual gushing of sappy drama in Clannad or Blue Drop in a good number of days. It’s just the middle of the school quarter, that’s all. Fortunately, this is not a long hiatus, and there will be no Vault posts–I’ll be much freer by Wednesday. In the near future, look for:

And my first impressions posts of

Also, there are some very exciting additions that more likely than not are coming to this website, some as early as this week, which will significantly expand our coverage and give you a bigger variety of things to enjoy. Can’t say and can’t give details till everything is ironed out, and not everything is 100% certain yet, but let’s just say we could be on the cusp of even greater greatyness than ever before, and your eyes will never be the same again. :) Stay tuned to this Bat channel!