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Introducing: Anime Diet Games

Play it right.

I’m pleased to announce the official opening of Anime Diet Games, a dedicated branch of the site dedicated to video games of all kinds! While we’ll always have a special focus on Japanese pop culture, we’ll be expanding into the rest of the gaming universe too with this new section. Of course, if you go to the section now, you’ll see that we’ve always talked about games every once in a while. But now we’ve decided to pick up our controllers and mash some buttons, so we can cover gaming with the same professionalism and brio that we’ve done with conventions, anime, and manga.

As for me—I wrote years ago that it was JRPGs that actually brought me into anime fandom, not the other way around. Perhaps some of you have had the same experience. We’ve already written about games like Final Fantasy XIII, Eternal Sonata, Alteil, and Skullgirls, and even have footage of Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. The gaming culture is tightly linked to the rest of things we’ve always covered, and it’ll give us a chance to talk in depth about things that matter to fans and otaku outside of just the shows and the cons we watch and attend. (And those cons: the gaming cons, from E3 to PAX, are now on our radars!)

So visit our gaming section at the following links:



Stay tuned folks. We’re about to get busier. As an ill-localized anime title put it: asobi ni iku yo (let’s play)! *


Hi there (again). We’re Anime Diet.

EDIT (6/20/2011): new round of voting has started! Please vote for us right over here. Thanks!

Why hello Internet sailors. :) Welcome to our site. Perhaps because you came here through a certain Aniblog Tourney that we’re competing in today. If so, we’re glad you’re considering us for one of your two votes in the Group Round. We hope you like what you find here and humbly ask for your vote alongside one for our fine colleagues at Emory University, Shinde Iie, and Anime B&B.

Yes, we do anime reviews and editorials. But we’re so much more than that! Our first class convention coverage reports on anime cons across the United States and given us access to numerous guests of honor for interview and yielded definitive transcripts, reports, and videos. Our original podcast, one of the earliest in the ‘sphere, has entertained thousands and is preparing for a revival after a long hiatus. In the past, we even did Onion-style fake news and April Fool’s Day jokes. We’ve also been known to do original songs, love letters, and poem parodies. Our diverse staff specializes from everything to manga to music to shounen to theology to moe.

Already decided to vote for us? You can do it right here!

But if you need a taste of our work first, here’s a sampling of some of our best over our six year life. We hope you enjoy it.

Editorial blogging is our bread and butter. We’ve always been strong at editorials, analysis, and other non-review pieces. Some of them were controversial, and others were reflective and personal. More recently some of our best writing has been in the more confessional, “Diary of an Anime Lived” mode.

Reviewing anime is of course crucial to who we are. While we’re not a true episodic blog (though we are currently covering every Lupin III: Fujiko Mine episode, and have done all of Code Geass R2 and most of Claymore), we have reviewed plenty of TV series, OAVs, and films over the years. Here’s a few of the best ones.

Manga Reviews

We have had the immense privilege of interviewing, transcribing, and otherwise being in the presence of numerous Guests of Honor at conventions since late 2007. The list of names says it all—and this isn’t even all of them.

Our convention coverage has always been backed up by video, whether it’s of video diaries in the early days or interview and concert footage. Check out our Youtube and Vimeo channels for the rest! This is a tiny excerpt.

Anime Expo 2007 Video Diaries
These were the videos that started it all: a fan diary that became an accidental expose of the mishaps of AX 2007. Taken without press access, we’ll never be this innocent again :)

May’n Concert Footage (AX 2010)
Part of the concert that later included Megumi Nakajima and surprise guest Yoko Kanno. Our most popular video! (and check out Monsieur LaMoe’s ecstatic review too. He shot this video.)

Kenji Kamiyama and company on Eden of the East
Perhaps one of the most insightful interviews in our collection, in which Kamiyama discusses his intent in depth for Eden of the East and Ghost in the Shell.

Hatsune Miku/Mikunopolis Concert Videos
Too hot for Youtube! Locally hosted with full permission. Six songs from the Hatsune Miku concert at AX 2011.

Click here to access the videos page.

And that’s just a taste…the list goes on and on. We hope that will influence you to vote in our favor, but why don’t we have Ichigo from Bleach have the last word?

Thanks! See you at the polls!

Anime Diet is Four Years Old Today

Has it already been 4 years? Yes it has! Anime Diet, which started as a humble little website called Scattered Cels (see our embarrassing first post here), turns four years old today! In the process, we have gotten a new site layout, massive convention coverage, new staff members, a huge expansion in our Facebook fanbase, and the highest consistent site traffic we’ve ever gotten in our history (1000 visits per day).

Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the site and to all of you dear readers who making us who we are! Y’all are the best. Here’s to many more anniversaries!

Welcome to Anime Diet 5.0! (and Welcome Aniblog Tourney Readers)

Welcome to the latest incarnation of Anime Diet! This is the sixth major revision of the website since its founding as Scattered Cels in late 2006, though the last one was more of an evolutionary upgrade. This one is a bit more radical, as you can see. We hope that things are a bit less cluttered and more clear with this new, clean layout, which is based on Maimpok by Padd Solutions.

We would also like to extend a warm welcome to readers coming in from the Aniblog Tourney. Thanks for coming to Anime Diet–we’ve been around for a while and we feel we have a lot to offer in the way of reviews, podcasts, and convention coverage. (There’s even more con coverage at our Youtube channel.) We would greatly appreciate your votes in the tournament, of course!

One of the beneficial side effects has been that many bloggers have received constructive comments. We welcome those as well, in our comments section as well as on the relevant page at the Tourney site.

Thanks for visiting! Again, if after visiting our worthy counterpart Anime Princess you decide you prefer us–vote Anime Diet in the tourney!

Merry Christmas from Anime Diet

Anime Diet wishes you a very Merry Christmas! As our gift to you, enjoy this pairing of one of anime’s best comedies, Azumanga Daioh, with one of the greatest musical satirists, Tom Lehrer, reflecting on what everyone knows is the true meaning of Christmas (especially in America).

We hope this brings you a little laughter and joy today! Thanks for your reading, listening, and watching.

Some good reading during holidays:

Evangelion 2.0 Review, Anime Goods Experience, Tokyo Game Show, Nyan Koi 6, Kikuko Inoue Panel at Otakon pt.1, pt.2.

Don’t forget relentlessflame’s look at a Christmas Eroge.

Happy Thanksgiving from Anime Diet


Anime Diet wishes you, especially American you, a very non-diet kind of day! Spend some time with your friends and family and gorge yourself on all your favorite traditional foods. (Just think of us if you overstuff yourself with anime today too.) Think about what you have to be grateful for.

As for myself, I’m thankful for all the wonderful staff, past and present, who have helped build this site to what it is now–for making us one of the best review, podcast, and con coverage sites out there. Y’all made it happen. And, of course, for all of you readers and listeners and watchers out there. We couldn’t do it without you too.

Have a great holiday! See you again soon.

Introducing the Fiction Kitchen: Anime Diet’s Creative Writing Sideblog

A number of us at Anime Diet are also creative writers of some sort. I’ve been doing it all my life, practically, and the recent National Novel Writing Month has rekindled my love of telling fantasy stories.

With that in mind, I’m pleased to unveil a semi-official side blog: The Fiction Kitchen, at http://fiction.animediet.net!

Screen shot 2009-11-21 at 11.32.21 PM.png

The Fiction Kitchen will eventually contain the writings of several Anime Diet staff. For now, however, it’s me and my Nanowrimo novel, The Sanctuary, which was partly inspired by various anime comedies like Zero no Tsukaima. (See a fuller introduction here.) It may even have illustrations one day. Since it’s a Nanowrimo novel, I make no guarantees of quality, consistency, or other hallmarks of polished writing–but I do intend on revising it thoroughly after the draft is done and possibly even getting light-novel style illustrations for it!

And don’t worry–I have a week’s worth of installments already scheduled, which will be posted once a day. I’m working steadily toward the end of the book this week as well.

So if you ever wanted to see some original work from us, here’s your chance. Visit us, and feel free to leave constructive feedback too! It’ll help in the revision process.

Say Hello to Our Newest Writers!

After a month-long search, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve brought on not one, not two, but three new writers here at Anime Diet! They are

dcbebop avatar
dcbebop (@electricv01): a number of us on staff know dcbebop personally as a good friend. He works for a prominent magazine and is an excellent writer, and has helped us on projects in the past, like the Anime Diet Zine at this year’s AX. He will also be one of our regular reviewers.

wintermuted avatar
wintermuted (@wintermuted): wintermuted, an aspiring filmmaker and current blogger over at his own site, is going to be a columnist: writing extended pieces on a monthly or twice-a-month basis, with verve, deep thought, and insight. He will be helping to revive the tradition of the longer articles that were once were a hallmark of this site and offering his unique perspectives on all things anime.

We at Anime Diet are really excited to bring them on board. Let’s give them all a warm welcome as they begin their posting this week!

Anime Diet: Now Looking For Fresh Blogger Blood!


Edit, 10/10/09: we’ve chosen our new writers for this round! So this round is now closed. Thanks to everyone who applied.

Anime Diet is looking for more staff writers. Yes, we’re looking at you, dear readers and fellow bloggers! We need some more hands to cover the upcoming fall season and beyond and can keep the ship running when we get caught in a DAI PINCH of life. Ever wanted to reach out to an existing audience of thousands with your love…of anime and manga? Now’s your chance. And here’s some proof.

Screen shot 2009-09-04 at 12.05.59 AM.png

OK, so you’re interested. What kind of qualities are we looking for? Our ideal candidate is

  • CONSISTENT. We’re looking for someone who is going to commit to writing at least 2-3 times a week. Someone who, when committing to reviewing a show, sticks to it for as long as possible or announces and explains why it’s being dropped. Of course, life sometimes gets in the way, and there’s plenty of slack for real circumstances and emergencies. But we’re looking for someone who loves writing at some level and is self-motivated enough to want to do it. Out of all the qualities, this is the most important.
  • A COMPETENT WRITER. You need to be able to write clearly, concisely, and correctly, and not need significant editing for each article. Writing well for you shouldn’t be a struggle or something that takes enormous effort. It helps to love writing itself, and to love the process of reviewing.
  • INSIGHTFUL AND/OR FUNNY. Both would be best, of course. Thing is, we’re looking for someone who can do more than just summarize an episode and give a few sentences of general opinion. We want someone who can either dig a little into the significance of a show, and/or show us just how ridiculous some things in anime really are and make us laugh.

It’d also be awesome, though not required, to be:

  • UNIQUE. How do you stand out among all the other blogger hordes in some way? Maybe you hate a particular sacred cow in the fan community, or you know some long-overlooked shows that you’d like to introduce to everyone. Maybe you know Japanese very well. Whatever–tell us why you’re special.
  • COMMUNAL: this is not absolutely required, but it’s a huge plus. We’d like someone who is, or would like to be, plugged in to the rest of the anime blogosphere. This might include coming to monthly staff meetings over Skype so you can talk to the rest of us, replying to intelligent commenters for your articles, and following up with other bloggers who link your articles.

Experienced or existing anime bloggers welcome! If you are already on other blogs you’re more than welcome to apply, so long as you can keep your commitment at Anime Diet too.


There’s some perks, too. If you’re in the vicinity of a convention, we may be able to get press passes for you if you’d like to cover it for the site. Convention reporting is one of our pillars and especially if you’re in an area we’re not at, it’ll help us expand our reach to other places.

So what are you waiting for? Send your interest to writers@animediet.net. Please attach two sample articles with your email. If you are an existing blogger, links to two posts will suffice.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Offtopic: For Those of You Pining After Christian Theology

I’ve got a blog for it now, called “Word and Spirit.” I finally found the time to design and open it up. After the last major foray into some good old fashioned systematic theology on this blog caused an unexpected stir, I’ve been plotting how I was going to do this. Now it’s finally a reality.

So save your bookmarks, those who are interested in what I do when I’m not doing anime: http://wordandspirit.imagria.com. This is the first and last time I’ll be taking up your blog aggregators about this, so act fast. You only get these kinds of posts when one of the bloggers is a seminarian!

Thanks, everyone–and now, back to anime and manga.

(PS: this will not affect Art and Soul, my religion and anime audio column. That will continue to be hosted here.)

Commenters, Please Note: Recaptcha Installed

As we have been suffering from a bit of a spam problem lately–one that Akismet has been starting to crack under a little–I have, like many of you in the blogosphere, installed the Recaptcha plugin for comments. You’ll have to enter the two words shown in the captcha window in order to post a comment, or else it’ll be rejected. Hopefully this will reduce our spam problem, especially on random older posts.

If you see any problems with the plugin and are unable to post legitimate comments, please feel free to contact us by email, which can found in the “About” page in the top menu. Thanks.

Outage Over–Wait! I Can Explain!

EDIT (10 April, 12:29 PM PST): Since this morning, the site has been running at very fast speeds for me. So it looks like we are fully back in business! Please report if you still have slowness, though, and recommend a backup host provider should the day ever come.

Yes, folks, we were down for a good three days. Why? We were transferring host providers, from 1and1.com to dreamhost.com. I decided to leave 1and1 due to the sluggish performance on the website as well as them falsely accusing me of unspecified “abuse” a couple of Saturdays ago–I found myself unable to access the website all morning, without warning. Later, I checked and it turned out to be a server reset that had nothing to do with “abuse.” Good riddance.

Anyways, on my end, the server still seems kind of sluggish. If you’re reading this, it means the DNS servers on your side of the world are working, though, so please let me know if it also seems unnaturally slow to you, too, or if it’s just something on my end. We have a pretty big archive so I wonder if the database is just getting a bit too big for its own good. Any help and advice would be deeply appreciated. We’ll even mention you on our next podcast or something. :)

Anyways, consider us back in action. Up next: a takedown of Kanokon, the lost Anime Diet Radio episode, and the return of Matt as our reviewer for Code Geass R2!