When Health Nazis Take Over the World…Or Japan at Least

So, can you imagine Richard Simmons, the Juice Guy and all these health experts save Atkins form a political party and take over the world or at least Japan and NO CHOCOLATES ARE ALLOWED? AND THEY SEND THE THE MAJOR (a Kusanagi wanna be)  TO ARREST YOU FOR EATING CHOCOLATE?

Oh my God WWWD? = What Would Women Do??? Or rather, what would Louise, the daughter of the owner of a store that sells sweets, her friends Huntley and Smudger, and a couple shattered families do?

I confess, I know nothing about Alex Shearer nor do I care who he is or was. That’s what Mike and Zhong would do – care and find out. I only stick to my thoughts (hence I’m ignorant and nobody would read this, too bad…) But when I saw the studio for production is studio IG, I was surprised.

This is a 5-minute internet based show that doesn’t seem to mean much to me, except to warn me away from health nuts. I mean, the “Completely Health Party”??? Wow, and you know, since I love chocolate, when that long-haired  health Nazi crushed the chocolate in his hands, I was screaming like Shinji. Man that sucked.

Gimme my chocolates, my pizza, my hamburgers and my beer any day! These don’t make me attractive to women, but hey, these are the stable diet for Otaku, Tech Geeks and your other friendly neighborhood nerds, geeks and losers.

I wonder if the Completely Health Party is formed with people like Arnold, Richard Simmons, the Juice Old Guy, Yoga, tree hugging hippies? and MIKE HUANG???

Time to hit the gym…Or Mike may arrest me for drinking too much beer and eating too many slices of Pizza!

“Hey, it’s my playing weight!” – The Rocket (Roger Clemens)

4 thoughts on “When Health Nazis Take Over the World…Or Japan at Least”

  1. What, the Japanese FAT??? How the fuck did that happen? When I was teaching in Japan I was the fat ass!

    Japanese women and girls will be crying! Let me comfort them by bringing them chocolates and some Dr. Love medicine! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. I agree that the beginning was awesome – I thought it was going to be a deserved and funny attack on health food Nazis.
    Because I was so disappointed I consoled myself with a bag of Haribo’s gummy bears…

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