To Love RU – yeah…it doesn’t matter how they try…

They just can’t get out of the magical girlfriend cliches, can they?

Oh well, anime happens.

An alien (princess) show up after escaping from her pursuers, and the earthling punk haired/otaku haired/whimpy haired/whatever decides to save her.

I guess in this case she’s got gadgets, that’s different, huh.

Oh yeah! She’s from the Devil Planet.

Oh please don’t tell me the manga is better and better plots are coming soon. We at the Diet have heard that a gazillion times (think Hayate)!

Besides the Star War like sequence flying toward the ventilation hole or whatever thing in Star War I, can’t say I was that impressed.

4 thoughts on “To Love RU – yeah…it doesn’t matter how they try…”

  1. Well, I won’t say the plot will come because it really won’t. I will say that I am glad that at least the first episode followed the manga pretty well.

    I will watch this show as a fan of the manga, but really nothing is going to happen in the anime. The ecchi and plot-so-slow-it’s-like-it’s-not-there works in manga form but most people won’t get that from the anime.

  2. No, I agree, To Love Ru simply doesn’t have a good plot. It’s classified as Ecchi and comedy… most comedies don’t really need a plot to be a great show.
    I just noticed about the first episode starting like Star Wars… just more bouncy breast shots.
    But you have to be a super hard critic to see that… I mean, I guess it goes with the rule if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.
    Lala happens to be a pretty neat character though, and since she isn’t used to earth’s customs, it just makes it even more funny.

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