Ray’s take on Kimi-kiss ep 01 – Somebody at this multimedia magazine screwed up his review royally!


Am I a cynic? You bet your ass I am! But this show isn’t something I want to be cynic about! Not totally, in any case, We have 3 main characters in a dating sim like show – yes, three. Two boys (not a surpise) AND A GIRL! That’s right! I read that the show is significantly altered from the game, well that’s fine, in fact, that’s more realistic to me. Very few people in life have multiple talents in sports, art, dating, and whatever else at the same time. How many times have we seen a super awesome main character who meets all the girls and his friends can’t get none…Oh wait, you know, real life is stranger than fiction…Anyhow…

Not only Koichi and Kazuki (look, I haven’t read the manga or played the game) each has a romantic interest, even Mao gets somebody who inevitable makes an impression on her! I mean, yeah, I imagined for a mature, outgoing but whole some girl like Mao, a very tall dude with a strong attitude (read: attitude problem) may just be the type that would interests her, and she meets one! That, my friends, makes her a main character!

And how dare you cut down Rie-sama’s Futami??? Damn you! XD

But I’ll admit, she sounds exactly like Sawashiro Miyuki, AKA Shinku. I couldn’t tell apart their voices at all. This isn’t the voice from Rie-sama that I like that sets her apart from the crowd.
Then we have the cliches – the young sister, the super shy girl, and later, the sports girl (on episode 2? Going to watch it soon). But yeah, Futami’s super smart, and yet instead of being a perfectly good student, she’s trying to be bad. There’s a conflict waiting to happen…If they get it done right.

I didn’t care about the film club’s president, but the advisor – Kawasumi Ayako-chan? Hmm…Her voice is too damned young and cute to be a teacher. I felt that Kikuk0-sama would be much better casted. But, she’d steal the show.

Look, I’m not saying this is a great show, in fact, this already has the potential of being one of the bland shows of this season – so far, I feel that almost all the shows I’ve seen this season has been pretty bland, comparing to shows in Spring, or even in Summer, but the fall’s still young, folks, and the verdict isn’t out yet. Stay tuned! In the meantime,

I’ll be generous and give this one 80% recommendation for your daily anime diet. For all that said, the boredom is there so it’s still a toss up for me whether to follow it or not.

P.S. not the protagonist but his friend got the first kiss! That’s refreshing!

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