Princess Lover 12 – even this one takes a jab at KyoAni

Good Morning!

Don’t we all just love a true fairy tale style (NOT) happy ending? For men, isn’t it even better that you win the real princess, gets a blowjob frolic with her under the sun, and have 3 other girls that still don’t know when to give up on you? Isn’t it?

So Teppei explains some really simple concepts that Hartman just didn’t get, he beats up the bad guy, and well..

There was one surprise. It’s like Mario doesn’t take out Bowser, but tries to talk to him into becoming a good guy, kind of. But hey, it’s rare to find forgiveness in anime, so that’s a huge plus for this show. Even the villain gets together with his girl for real. A mega-happy ending, just like Wayne’s world, indeed.

This show even gets to make fun of KyoAni. But you know, if a small hit like this one makes fun of you, you’re probably at the bottom of the mud pit. Oh well, I’m sure people will disagree vehemently.

Likable characters, small jokes, and the DVD will deliver the pantsu and the nips. If you want that.

2 thoughts on “Princess Lover 12 – even this one takes a jab at KyoAni”

    1. @Slick Rick – Yeah, that’s often the problem with eroge turned anime. The protagonist just skirts through everything and there isn’t a real central focus. The plot in this one is also contrived.
      Do please tell, why do you think it’s a huge disappointment?

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