Nijuu Mensou Musume ep 04 – Chizuko is still too young

I would discuss relationship growth, trust, and ability powering up if I weren’t drunk. The truth is, I’ve been poisoned by moe.

Not because I find Chizuko attractive, but because I want Aya-chan character to grow up already and I really don’t care for another Lupin.

Ojisan, ojisan, ojisan………!

Doujin artists love it!

In this episode, we find out that Chizuko has a talent for anything related to thievery, old-fashsion gangster stuff, include knife throwing, and she apparently cooks well.

Now, which Otaku segment does that belong to? I can’t seem to recall which Otaku fetish this would be.

Gangster/thief girl with cooking ability and in love with an older guy? Well…

Chizuko doesn earn the trust and love of many and she goes on her first heist. Trusting her ultimate mentor really helps her out of a jam.

I’d say she does a decent job playing this girl, but once again, I still think she did better in Haruhi and Lucky Star, because in this show, I can think of a couple of characters that can play her voice just as well.

But hey, being an Aya fan, I adore her efforts.

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  1. She belongs to the Polymath fetish, where the girl is a pure genius in everything and is the perfect. Haruhi weakly could be considered this. But generally used for male characters, example being the Ouran boys.

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