Kurozuka 1 – When Madhouse gets kick-ass serious…

I never thought I’d be impressed or at least intrigued twice this season (the other one being Ga-Rei-Zero) but thanks to this atmosphere, the story and the style of this show, I’m truly am delightfully amazed.

I wonder if Madhouse does more research than other people? But in any case…

If you already watched this episode and can’t wait for more, than I congratulate you. Great choice!

If you haven’t watched it already and you enjoy a tale of intrigue, ancient Japanese legends and Samurai/supernatural stories, why aren’t you watching this?

Long time ago, what made Madhouse famous in the US and all over the world was Ninja Scroll. That was an unreserved show displaying grotesque monsters, strange battle techniques and a little sexual temptation. But that’s what hooked me in college. This time, however, there’s nothing overtly sexual at all, just damn good fighting, romance that doesn’t look like it will be fulfilled, betrayal, Japanese style supernatural legends (which is what Madhouse does best), awesome fighting sequences (realistic, too), great seiyuu (the main lead male is awesome but do you like Romi’s sexy mature womanly voice, you little boys?).

Let me continue (oh, I’m going to continue and ramble about it all right): great introduction starting a story in Noe theater, nicely borrowed Matrix-style arrow sequence, exotic and yet quite beautiful forshadowing…

Why should I bother to explain the story at all when you could just watch it yourself and appreciate (yeah, I could look up the names on ANN or Wiki, but why not just explore the world yourself?)?

Always remember, when Madhouse gets deadly serious in making something, you shall be blown away if you dare to try it. If you have already, congrats. But if you didn’t like it…


Hyper enthusiastically recommended!

4 thoughts on “Kurozuka 1 – When Madhouse gets kick-ass serious…”

  1. Actually, the source material for this contains quite a bit of sex ;) However, I feel that the sex plays a more definite role in the plot overall than did some of the sexual elements of Ninja Scroll.

  2. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be like Black Cat. Which was really cool for about, what, the first episode? I’ll check it out in any case.

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