Hayate no Gotoku 20 – Dear Father

Wow, here we have a possibly Otaku priest that doesn’t want to go to heaven and wants to see Maria in maid uniform and does little maid things…Hmm, an Otaku priest…an Otaku pastor…an Otaku seminarian…Mike?

That pastor dude simply refuses to “become Buddha”. That’s right, Buddha, and then in order to get rid of this guy’s spring urge (don’t we all become hornier in spring), Izumi dresses as a maid. But she doesn’t have the “maid spirit”, so she goes to different people and learn.

“A maid must have a fake smile.”

Wow, accurate and true. It’s like this: “I didn’t smile because I liked you, you know. I’m just paid to pretend I’m smiling.”

How true indeed.

The filler goes on. This episode definitely isn’t as funny as the last one.