DMC 06 – Who dares to go against the Emperor from HELL???

Summary by Negishi (?): Oh my, I really hate our music and look what happens! We’re being hated and targeted by other bands! That’s terrible! I don’t want to cause trouble and fight with these people!

Today, the president of our record company tells me to go and mess up with Balls Girls???!!! Why oh why must I do this? Hey, put me down!

Oh no, now I’m at the Balls Girls’ concert and…What’s that? What, they’re making fun of the songs I created all night? What? What? What????


Oops, no, I didn’t meant that…Oh no I have a cold!

Eh? What? She thinks I’m Sid Vicious? Um…Well, could you please stop? Our president is very angry!

Ah crap! I’ve gotta go!

All right, that’s it, it time for our showdown…

Thoughts by Negishi (?): wow, I never knew Nina is such a hottie! Wow I thought only Aikawa was cute, but gosh Nina is so cute with that whiskey in her hand and…WHAT? SHE’S CALLING ME A CHERRY BOY???!!! GAH! That’s it, I’ve gotta teach this pig slut some lessons! Fuck! Look, I’m raping your band mate! Gahahahahahahaha!!! I’m the demon from hell and I…

Oh no! I’m turning into Krauser again! I just want to apologize and get out of here…

What! That bitch is spitting at me? Well, shit, I’m going to destroy her with the luger of dooooooom!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DMC still rules the underworld!

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  1. Oddly I haven’t seen DMC reviews in the bloggersphere. I’ve seen the whole thing raw but to avoid mistakes I’m not reviewing the rest until I’ve see the English fansub.

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