Detroit Metal City 9 – Eat my fire spit!!!!!!!

Mwa ha ha ha ha! Fucking crazy movie but it was so cool that asshole of a actor got it! Woohoo!

Negishi as Krauser II’s embarrassment was pure gold, too. But the exaggeration is simply unholy brilliant!

Krauser II gathers all the evil energy in the world and…”DEMON FIRAAA….BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!”

Fucking gross but fucking fun, you wenches!

It’s just so funny that the more Negishi doesn’t want to be the metal hero, the more he gets into it, every time.

The funniest part was, every time Krauser II does something to make the movie even worse (better?), Neigishi was like, no…!

Now if you didn’t laugh watching it…Well, I guess…

You maybe German (unfunny people) or you maybe a sissy French movie maker (artsy fartsy).

Now only I could start a metal band…Go to DMC! Go to DMC! Go to DMC!

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