Denno Coil 4 – The Homebrew Hacker Club Gets Pwned

Missed me? Tests and family visits (and a broken down parental computer) sorta took priority over anime for a bit, but now I’m back for more Denno Coil hackery for your enjoyment. ;) L4m3rs.

Turns out the only club in the school isn’t one featuring our female leads but rather a bunch of wannabe 1337 boys, clearly the sort who cheat and camp on Counterstrike. These lamers get what’s coming to them, though, with a hot dish of 0wnz0r served fresh and hot by our favorite Encoder, Yuko:

The queen of Encoders sits on her throne.

So is this attack the Denno Coil equivalent of a DoS (Denial of Service) attack?

t look forward to the Matrix coming true." width="100%" />

So far we’ve seen viruses (literal black contaminants) and flood attacks in this show, as well as overzealous antivirus software and dust bunny daemons. What other computer concepts are they going to translate in this show, I wonder? And seeing that the director is fascinated by themes of computer evolution, I wonder if we are going to start seeing something about the collective mind generated by the Net and other Ray Kurzweil-type stuff…Kurzweil predicted that by the end of the 21st century computers will have more computational power than the entire human race combined, and will overtake human intelligence at that point. Sure, Serial Experiments Lain and Ghost in the Shell covered that territory already, but it looks like this is the kid version.It’d be funny if some random Japanese kid was turned onto network or system administration through this show. This show if anything makes hacking look more fun than, well, the movie Hackers, albeit less realistic.

By the end of the week: the next podcast. Who knew I’d have so little time on vacation to do any editing. :)

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