Scattered Cels Podcast #5

This week, Ray introduces the show, and we talk about Ghibli research grants, the possible Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell (and who we’d cast in the different roles), and review Zero no Tsukaima and a first look at Megadere! There are also major changes coming for next week’s podcast, so keep in touch and keep listening, and leave your comments, questions, and flames in the comments section below.

Show Notes

  • OP: Last DInosaur by the Pillows (from FLCL)
  • ED: Crazy 4 U by Koda Kumi (from Gilgamesh)
  • Studio Ghibli to offer research grant for animation reseach, of 300,000 yen. You have to be under 35 to get it. (
  • Studio Madhouse is doing an anime version of Highlander. It will be released direct to DVD, and the American edition will be put out by Manga Entertainment on June 5. (
  • Production IG is in talks to make a live-action Hollywood version of Ghost in the Shell. (