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I’ll be reviewing:


Seitokai no Ichizon AKA The Records of the Hekiyō Academy Student Council’s Activities (生徒会の一存 or Hekiyō Gakuen Seito-kaigi Jiroku)

Asura Cryin’ S2

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I actually did watch some more first episodes but just didn’t want to dive specifically into any of them – for now. It is way too early to tell if this season isn’t as good as the summer season but that’s my feeling regardless. I was so impressed by everything I’ve watched, major hits or small surprises, during the summer season that I’m currently biased against the fall season.

Another reason for my bias is because I liked all the styles of the shows that I watched in the summer, save maybe one or two. But so far, the fall season shows have styles that probably cater to other folks, and that is perfectly fine.

Wait, I forgot Queen’s Blade! As opposed to Scientific Railgun, which is already a good show but lacking in solid fan service (please do no wear shorts underneath a short skirt), Queen’s Blade has a story and some plots as well as character motivations in a quasi-realistic female-dominated-world setting and I explained why some of the things aren’t merely impossible fan services but may happen in real life. Then again, Queen’s Blade is a phenomenon and to me and Mike #2 and countless other fans whose possible faps praises are heard around the world, it is exceptional for many, many, many large to gargratuan assets that it has to offer. It’s honest and not anywhere-near-bashful assets is often quite pleasing (licensed blu ray, please)! Onto the rest of fall shows:

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Sir Sid and Sir Johnny are coming to get you BL lovers!

From Saishin Anime Jōhō via ANN -

The date for the release of the 2-Volume OVA for Sex Pistols manga has been decided

Gorgeous limited as well as normal editions will be on sale.

Original character “Hoikushi” will appear (CV Yusa Koji).

Ray’s Take: Uh…Well, it’s called “Love Pistols” in the US…Um…Is that like Ai Shafts? Or Grand Swords? Or Mister Rods? Oh I got one -Speartus Longinus…

Moving on…

The Fun starts with Naked Loli

From Nebs Blog -

Funi began streaming the series last weekend with the first two episodes, but it wasn’t until this weekend that we got to find out if they were truly going to stream the true unedited version.

Ray’s Take: Wow, they acquired DBZ and got themselves a solid fan boy audience for shonen action soap drama, and now they’re going to hook up another fan boy audience for loli service. You know, these guys know how to run the US anime business! Now if they can just fend off all the conservatives…

I can hear some people chanting once more: “Go to Loli T&A! Go to Loli T&A!” It will be followed by secondary fap I mean fire storms heard around the world!

UPDATE: Funimation took the nake episodes down and put up EDITED version.

UPDATE #2: Funimation promises uncensored DVD and any future Uncensored Download to Own versions.

Astroboy Coming to a Theater near our Japanese correspondents!

From -

Aya Ueto, Koji Yakusho attend world premiere of ‘Astro Boy’ in Tokyo

Ueto said: “It’s a sad story but an excellent movie. I did my best so as to not upset all the Astro Boy fans out there.”

Ray’s Take: I vaguely remember the manga and the old anime. Direct and appealing mostly for kids because it didn’t present any non-sensible twists but shows issues without sugar-coating it. Too many of today’s anime have to sugar coat hard to watch issues with fan service, moe, and other stuff.

Say Hello to Our Newest Writers!

After a month-long search, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve brought on not one, not two, but three new writers here at Anime Diet! They are

dcbebop avatar
dcbebop (@electricv01): a number of us on staff know dcbebop personally as a good friend. He works for a prominent magazine and is an excellent writer, and has helped us on projects in the past, like the Anime Diet Zine at this year’s AX. He will also be one of our regular reviewers.

wintermuted avatar
wintermuted (@wintermuted): wintermuted, an aspiring filmmaker and current blogger over at his own site, is going to be a columnist: writing extended pieces on a monthly or twice-a-month basis, with verve, deep thought, and insight. He will be helping to revive the tradition of the longer articles that were once were a hallmark of this site and offering his unique perspectives on all things anime.

We at Anime Diet are really excited to bring them on board. Let’s give them all a warm welcome as they begin their posting this week!

Yomeiro Choice – a poor choice

Yomeiro Choice is all about excuses.

Sakuraga finds excuses to ditch girls and avoid relationships. His female friends find excuses to spend time with him and/or avoid confronting their own feelings. His time-traveling future daughters (yes, that’s right) try to find excuses for him to get their mothers teen pregnant in the present. Mangaka Tenkla uses this improbable setup to justify a ream of fanservice and visual gags.


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The Sacred Blacksmith 01 – Reality Check!

For those who want to know my impression of the novels this show is based on, it’s here. But for anyone who wants to dive into the show, here we go:

Did you know that Katana or any other legendary swords really CANNOT cut through other blades in a clean slice? Do you think I’m kidding?

In reality, a blade with a higher RC scale; let’s say 63, can definitely shave the metal off iron or steel blades with lower RC, let’s say 42. But slice another blade in half neatly like a heated knife through butter? Are you fucking serious?

All right, all right. Since this is a fantasy story, we’ll let it go. Now, onto the merit of the show itself.

There is enough realism in the fights (bear in mind that I have NEVER studied sword fighting techniques) and the animation is definitely up to standards. In addition, There is enough intrigue, not unlike classic Fantasy stories, that makes one ponder what happens next. However, because this is based on a light novel, I’d advice you not to expect too much background details or in depth cultural aspects and the rest, if you’re into that.

Perhaps I’m too harsh. Next, of course Fujimura Ayumu, the seiyuu behind Cecily Cambell, is really cute. Not to mention fresh and young. It was kind of funny seeing the old guy checking out her breast armor/plate/whatever-armorish-thing that perfectly conforms to the shape of her breasts, but other than that, it’s the same old “I’ll protect the city and even you!” Thingy. As in the novel, she has guts but no skills to match. That’ll change over time, but in the first episode, her efforts are cliched and laughable to an extend.

Luke is sullen like Squall Lionheart in FF8 (US version number) and acts not too different. Enough said.

Lisa is cheerful, innocent and a big mouth. Not unlikable but I’m neutral at the moment.

Overall, the first episode turned out like what I expected: Needs a stronger script, better seiyuu and more powerful something to spice everything up.

Again, my impression after reading three volumes of the novel is here.

Additional notes: the actual vocabulary for forging a traditional Japanese sword is used as the chant for making a magical sword. I found that kind of lame that the author doesn’t even try to make a real spell. Maybe it’s because I know too much about swords but sheesh. These aren’t magical chanting words; they’re just sword making steps!

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun01 – refreshing!

I read two volumes of the manga beforehand and while the manga was interesting, they did not impress me that much. In addition, there were no fan service, or the level did not pass my checkpoint. However, the anime is quite different.

The manga stresses or highlights the fact that people without abilities really can’t do much in such an environment – a city full of students with magical abilities or abilities of different kinds, whether all of the abilities are magical or not are really not the real story. However, as some people do not have any abilities at all, they are often picked on or rejected. Whenever there is a crime, they often just stand by and do nothing. It’s all up to our super powerful half of the heroines – Shirai Kuroko, and her crush – Misaka Mikoto – to save the day.

The anime starts out quite different. First of all, the number of heroines is increased to four, with the addition of the girl with flowers on her head, Uihara Kazaki, and Saten Ruiko, who has no powers. Those two appear in the manga, but in my impression, they’re not really part of “the team” of heroines. They’re more like main sidekicks, or at least, Ruiko seems that way; as a matter of fact, something happens to her in the manga by volume two and takes her “off” the “team”. But in the anime, the one without power steps up and plays an important part in helping to deal with the first major crime, which is shown in both the manga and anime. Her involvement is significant that the feeling of the overall tone changes a great deal from the manga. In short, you may not have superhuman power, but you can sure do something to help.

With good animation backing everything up, this show is a surprise for me.

Additional notes: in the beginning of the manga, Misaka Mikoto starts her fight with the male protagonist within the few 20 pages or so; in the anime, he’s not even in the first episode.

And, the fan service is still an epic fail according to my standards due to the lack of showing the actual goodies.

Anime Diet Radio Episode 43 – Don’t Say That We Are Lazy…


…well, actually, at least I pretty much am. Especially for this episode, which is (for the first time in years) without any extra sound effects. It also uses songs that we’ve featured before, but not for a long time…can any of you remember or name which episodes they were used in? You win an Internet Cookie&reg if you can tell us! (And you must have been listening to us for far longer than is good for you…)

That picture above, incidentally, was randomly pulled and publically viewable from otaku dating website Otaku Crush, which is the subject of our first news item: about whether otakuism can in fact mix with dating (and what Mike found out in his brief time joining the site). We also talk about the fascinating story about the Baltimore student who killed a burglar with Kenshin-like katana blade moves, a sure sign of an otaku if there was one–a dangerous otaku, too. And for this episode’s round table, we discuss the inverse of last time’s topic: bad anime to torture people to death with!

Show Order

  • (00:00) Introduction
  • (03:22) News 1: Otaku Crush and Otaku Dating Sites
  • (17:49) News 2: Baltimore Students, Katanas, and Burglars
  • (27:59) Mailbag
  • (44:05) Roundtable: Anime to Torture With
  • (61:18) Conclusion

Show Notes

  • OP: “Eat It,” by Weird Al Yankovic. That first verse is so appropriate, isn’t it?
  • ED: “Sekai no Namida,” ED to True Tears.
  • Otaku Crush’s website, of course is here []. Their press release was posted on Anime News Network here [].
  • The Associated Press [] was the first to report on the Baltimore student who killed his intruder with a katana. Sankaku Complex [] then added another interview to go along with it.

Kampfer 01 – Thank god for no dick girls

Reading about the concept I went “uh-oh, I hope not.” Thank God it was not. Of course, being the first episode, I wasn’t too terribly impressed. However, for something that didn’t sound so great, it managed to keep a good pace, having quirky characters, and I could hear the seiyuu working their asses off to make sure this would be a hit.

We have a guy who somehow gets turn into a girl/Kampfer even though supposedly only girls can turn into Kampfer. Then we have some really Otaku reference about Gundam mecha and even a well-known seiyuu who hasn’t gotten any significant roles that I know of in recent seasons. Then chaos ensues.

An interesting twist in Magical girl genre, perhaps? With Mai-Hime-like scenario waiting ahead for us? Who knows? But for now, the first eps wasn’t epic for me.

The dolls were funny and I guess it’s obvious that there is a good reason they’re all torn with insides out. It is a show that makes fun of the magical girl concept after all.

Queen’s Blade s2 02 – Holy $%$^@ attack, Batman!

Can I say it? Can I really say it? Well, it’s…




I knew nothing about the characters’ background in those book so I did not know what Melfa did in those books…But wow….I mean, just wow…

I’ve always felt that Queen’s Blade is rather outrageous at times and oddly laughable at other times. I mean, I love it – what’s better than a bunch of hot women warriors going on their quest and sometimes fight each other? I mean, it doesn’t seem to matter how many times someone lose, they can always come back and fight again later so your favorite gal doesn’t just disappear altogether!

Always ready for more fan service, in this wonderfully feminine episode, Tomoe and Listy get naked. Something like underground matches are set up, and people with ties of hate or friendship are fighting each other. Who will win? Watch and find out!

BTW, if you want more tentacles, you’ll get it. If you want a nun doing hentai things, you’ll get it, and for anyone who craves Listy’s hot and powerful bod and a little bit of feminine muscles, you’ll get that. Want a topless Miko? Well, you’ll get that! Finally, loli pantsu? What did you think?

Fap alert! Fap alert (yes Mike #2, I’m talking about you)! And this is the episode that starts with the sentimental music, which in S1, indicated less fan service. But in season 2, that’s outta window! Also enjoy Kugimi’s sexy singing performance at the end!

Additional notes: not a lot of plot progression in this episode despite being another 13 eps season, but that’s not surprising. Aledra’s scheme is working but I have some reservations for the target she chose for her ploy.

New York Anime Festival 2009, Day 0: Cake

The Dave and Buster’s was crowded. Black-attired waitstaff in crisp uniforms nodded professionally at me as I entered, pointing me up to the third floor when I inquired about the event hosted there.

"Look upon me, ye cakes, and tremble!" Photography by Linda Yau.
The cake-cutting katana. Photography by Linda Yau.

It was hard to miss – a frothing mass of humanity bumped and jostled at the far end of the room, packed in tight. I could not see the object of their focus, but this had to be it. As I made my way across the room, I gradually discerned that there were at least three different types of people here – businessmen in suits with refined drinks, a casually dressed faction, and a surprisingly large number of fashionably-attired teens.

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