Adventures in Blogosphere: Episode 2, Attack of the Domos

It was a few years ago when I first saw him and I didn’t think much of it at the time.  He was just a “thing” that sort of looked like fuzzy brown box with big sharp pointy teeth and little black eyes.  I laughed when I saw it.  What a quirky looking thing, I thought.  But then I started noticing him more, showing up in unexpected places, watching me.  I would see him on websites or as an AIM or forum avatar peering out at me from the cold mathematical digital space of the interweb. Eventually, he was hiding in places like my local comic shop as a cleverly disguised “doll” seemingly harmless, trapped behind clear plastic packaging.  To the average consumer he was just another toy, but I knew what was happening.  It was invading our culture.  It was only a matter of time.  Soon he became the “mascot” of Halloween for Target and then not long after that started selling slurpees at 7-11.  Billboards of him holding “Domo-sized” drink cups started going up everywhere, putting us all under the gaze of those dark beady eyes.   He’s watching us all now.   We must be careful what we say, because we don’t know where he will pop up next, but it is important you know the history of this… Domo-kun


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Queen’s Blade S2 04 – Bet ya didn’t think…

That the pacing would work. Oh yeah, through the eye of this anime veteran, the pacing in this episode worked out just fine. Not only that, but they didn’t have too many commentaries on the side. When they shifted the view to a character outside of the ring, it’s usually because something important is going to happen.

This show maintains its high quality of drawing of female’s bodies and for you GAR loving girls out there, a well portioned body of Cattleya’s husband. But I’ll save that for later.

Most of us don’t like a character that preaches or shouts out silly one-liners all the time. However, Alleyne simply makes me smile. I guess yeah, it is because she’s actually freaking hot underneath that cape and that hat. She’s also a bad ass and fights just as well as she evaluates others’ fighting performance. An harsh sounding elf girl with some smarts and that body, she is definitely the focus of this episode. as faps are heard around the world, she fights her way to a near victory, but alas, silly butt naked Nowa loses the day for both of them.

I don’t really hate Nowa for it, however, because after all, she wears thick socks and is butt naked, not to mention she is a really inexperienced fighter not in the main plot. It’s no wonder that she’d lose! But that cute butt is a nice enough compensation.

Echidna is her usual sex-predator self, thirsting and teasing Nowa and that was intense. But the best part was the fighting animation. The people drew the stuff really put a lot of thoughts into weapon movements and clashes and all.

The script writers really did they job with pacing. As the fight between Alleyne & Nowa VS Echidna and Irma ends (with Irma acting like a tsundere), the plot goes on and thickens a little. But of course, because this is Enter the Dragon, female warrior edition, we come to more battles, this time featuring our main character, Reina/Leina VS Ymir, as well as some of our favorites, Cattleya VS Airi.

I personally find Lana not as necessary, but for a kid character, he’s not annoying, because he doesn’t say a lot! I think that’s a huge plus since I don’t like kids.Also, some people needs to see a strong mom-character with a pet shota. That’s just how it goes.

With some ties and entanglements played out, we come to the fights that aren’t really significant…Or are they? Perhaps Airi knows something about the whereabouts of Cattleya’s husband and maybe Reina, who holds the sword forged by Cattleya’s husband, will have some bones to pick with Ymir, or rather, the opposite is true.

In any case, I’m surprised the pacing and drama played out well enough despite being a fighting season. So much so that I watched the episode twice despite the low level of fan service!

Additional notes: How can you NOT love Kugimi’s show stopper singing performance? Mellow mellow!

Hokuto Musou will be RAAAPE!

From and

Tecmo Koei is hard at work on Fist of the North Star for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The manga (Hokuto no Ken) debuted in 1983 and went on to spin off two animated series and motion pictures.

Dubbed Hokuto Musou, the game is scheduled for release sometime next year.

Ray not Rei I mean Krauser III’s take: in my spare time, I often practice making people’s skull explore with my killer music. But even the demon king from hell must pay tribute to the original hell raiser in manga and anime – Kenshiro. A strike from his fist will make anyone explode!!!!

What, you’ve read so far? Don’t you know you’re already dead? fu, fu, fu…Omae wa mo shindeiru…

Tecmo Koei is hard at work on Fist of the North Star for the PS3 and Xbox 360.The manga (Hokuto no Ken) debuted in 1983 and went on to spin off two animated series and motion pictures.

Dubbed Hokuto Musou, the game is scheduled for release sometime next year.

“Assault Girls” is rape!

From and Assault Girls official homepage

Plot: In the aftermath of global thermonuclear war, the Earth’s surface has been turned into a desert battlefield.

Krauser III’s Take: RapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRape…Wow, I must say I love it from the looking at the trailer! Shit, nothing beats girls kicking asses and this movie is rape! My terrorist from hell side is rising for a full salute! Totally need to see this!

UPDATE: Kotoko sings for the movie OP. Check it out (Tokyo Tosho)

Seitokai no Ichizon 02 – Otaku’s Paradise

I had a dream. I dreamed that Otakus of all races and preferences came together and lived in one city with different sections of the city catering to different Otaku tastes. If that city had two high schools, one of them would be the one in Lucky Star and the other one would be this one.

In these high schools, in addition to some real life subjects (just to make it even closer to an anime), there will be talks about anime, manga, games, and other references from different media and entertainment outlets, but of course anime and manga would be the primary subjects.

Of course everyone gets at minimum a B- for those subjects. Why not?

I know this show is too self-indulgent and turns too much inward that its audience must be tiny and I doubt anyone outside of a very small circle would appreciate it. But why the hell is it that I’m laughing watching it?

And, why the fuck is Kurimu so cute and adorable, and oh so moe? Why is that eroge/galgame plots still becomes an integral part of this show even though it’s supposedly has been making fun of it?

Who the fuck knows? I…I can’t believe I’m going to say it but I love it…Except when it bluntly attempts to promote DVD and does a utterly poor job at making fun/taking jabs at it.

Help me, Student President Kurimu! Onegai, Kurimu kaijou!

Queen’s Blade s2 03 – I would love a tentacle rape

Of Elina, the spoiled little sister of Claudette and Leina. I have absolutely no love for this character unless I could see her in a highly sexual situation. So far, I haven’t. She has been constantly whining, bitching and complaining about everything being not suited to her taste. Oh, the awful!

I’ll tell ya, I don’t like Nix as a character that much either. But as she is played by Rierie, I can’t help but hope for her victory. Of course I was disappointed. Of course.

No, I wasn’t touched when that poor servant girl handed Nix some bread. I didn’t watch the show for any sympathetic elements.

The bitch wins with little exposure. Nips are no longer enough – they’re bare minimum of fan service for me.

I can see that the writers behind this episode tried very hard to mix action, thoughts, feelings and battle commentary and presenting the mix in a better light than DBZ or a much better example, Initial D. The issue with those is that the talking and other side plot progressions tend to break up the pace too much. In this case, that is still the problem. The pace of the battle is broken up and I had to adjust a little.

Not good. Even as a fan of this show, I didn’t like that too much. That said, I do feel this is a stronger attempt than most battle-cum-commentary mix shows.

There is one other thing that I don’t like. Risty/Listy and her new alien/otherworldly/creepy and butt ugly outfit. I thought it was rather unfitting having her being used for the Queen’s plot, but I was even more shocked seeing her get garb.

I’ve got one thing to say to you, girl. It’s murderously terrible. I want the old Risty back. Or at least, give her a better outfit, please? I don’t care how the original book went, just give her a better outfit that shows more of her strong feminine bod?

I watched this episode 3 days ago and I still need to pull my jaw back up from the floor after seeing that outfit.

I’m looking forward to the tag team/Battle Royal match, though.

Otaku no Ken II: The Dark Side

Its cold blade, collecting on its surface the moment it is drawn the vapour of the atmosphere; its immaculate texture, flashing light of bluish hue; its matchless edge, upon which histories and possibilities hang; the curve of its back, uniting exquisite grace with utmost strength–all these thrill us with mixed feelings of power and beauty, of awe and terror. Harmless were its mission, if it only remained a thing of beauty and joy! But, ever within reach of the hand, it presented no small temptation for abuse. Too often did the blade flash forth from its peaceful sheath. The abuse sometimes went so far as to try the acquired steel on some harmless creature’s neck.

Bushido, The Soul of Japan, Inazo Nitobe, p. 135

In January of this year, a 20-year-old man in Sulphur, Louisiana used a katana to kill a dog.  The Humane Society paid $2500 for his capture.

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Space Battleships In A Moe Universe

Yamato, the ancient namesake of Japan. It seems as if great renewal is the primary theme throughout the world at this particular time. Not only has Japan’s political power just recently shifted in a most dramatic fashion, but the public’s love of all things Uchu Senkan Yamato is quickly reaching phoenix levels in no small manner. All across the nets have been blurbs and shouts involving the long-awaited live action opus, starring none other than SMAP’s Takuya Kimura in the role of Susumu Kodai, as well as a bold looking new animated feature (Fukkatsu-hen), set for release this December.

The significance? When the series was brought stateside via Westchester Films in the late 70s under the name, Star Blazers, the show was one incredible gateway drug, turning this quiet kid into a ticking timebomb of addiction. The thought of going a week until the next Saturday morning fix was frightening, to downright depressing for a first-grader. Imagine my reaction to the show’s storyline, and the shock I felt when (gasp!) characters died! Characters dying in a cartoon? ARE YOU KIDDING? Needless to say, this was akin to a great awakening. Shows like this weren’t screwing around. And the rest, is..well you know.

Now that a long standing legal battle over creative rights is over, it seems that a long delayed Yamato renaissance is finally coming to pass, with an entirely new generation who may have at least been children at the time of the original 1974-75 series’ run at the helm. Thankfully, this happens while several of the original key staff are still with us. Things being how they are today, the pervading feeling seems to be one of longing. Longing for a time where men were men, collective faith was paramount, and sacrifice was potentially necessary to defend honor. It is the quintessential Space Opera, merging science fiction, westerns, mysteries, WWII naval epics, and hearty drama, establishing a wholly new kind of anime saga. It’s probably safe to say that next to the massive contributions that Osamu Tezuka & Go Nagai gave to the worlds of anime/manga, there were fewer creations as influential as Uchu Senkan Yamato.

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Shin Koihime Musou 1


It’s a new season and a new Koihime†Musou. The beginning glosses over the plot and jumps right into the action – a telling stylistic choice, because if you’re watching this for the plot, you probably tuned in to the wrong show.

Nods to the first season abound. The bandits even look identical to the three from the first season’s introduction of Kan-U. The character designs are the same, and the opening reuses footage from the first season in flashback form.


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NYAF Anime Blogger Roundtable

Things were rather hectic at the New York Anime Festival, but bloggers of all stripes made time for an important, self-referential summit.

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NarutakiRT served as MC, while representatives from, Comics Worth Reading, Anime Vice, Anime Almanac, Ani-Gamers, Colony Drop, The Gaming Dungeon, Ogiuemaniax, Reverse Thieves, and Anime wa Bakuhatsu da! held forth. Ed from Vertical also showed up to inject an industry-side perspective.

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