Black Day, single awareness day…

Today, April 14th, is Black Day. And here’s a song to celebrate this day.

Majikoi, Ishihara gekido!

O-inari-san! Yes, inari-zushi is a sushi wrapped in fried tofu. Because fried tofu is a favorite food of fox. And Inari is the grain goddess, whose familiar is fox. So, that’s why fried tofu is called “inari.” And Inari’s Buddhist counterpart is Dakini, which Asahara Shoko referred to his mistresses.

Review: End of Summer 2011 Season and Still Standing

As we’re closing in to the end of 2011, we are entering the end game. The game to end it all. The time to both looking forward to how the prophecy would turn out as well as dreading any of the possible outcomes that have been secretly laid beneath the waves of time since the … Continue reading Review: End of Summer 2011 Season and Still Standing

Madoka’s Magical Realism

If anything in the universe lends itself to broad, shamanic principles, it is surely entropy. Broken glass, spilled milk, and toppled stacks of books are all examples of that universal principle we are familiar with. At times, it almost seems intelligent, malicious, seeking to thwart our intentions and pervert our efforts to bring order to … Continue reading Madoka’s Magical Realism

2011: Everything Old Is New? (And Onward..)

So happy to see that around the time of my last post, a small group of new shows arrive with my notions well complimented. It seems as though despite the ever glowering cloud of desperation often gumming up recent anime schedules,this worry has finally found a weak spot. That, or the old fixer-upper solutions are … Continue reading 2011: Everything Old Is New? (And Onward..)

12 Days, 12 Moments 2010: Male, Female, and Hideyoshi

Today’s moment is brought to you by the gender benders at Silver Link and director Shin Oonuma, who together have brought to us one of the comedy hits of the year: BakaTest. And one of the most memorable traps in recent memory: Hideyoshi.

The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross – Tanemura ai!

Buy Gentlemen’s Alliance +, Vol. 1 by Arina Tanemura Published by Viz Media. 208 pages 2007. $8.99 Since I started to frequent a library in one of New York’s three library systems – my reading of Shoujo manga has increased. It is not to say that I don’t sample any type of manga – but … Continue reading The Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross – Tanemura ai!