Potemayo – a cool dad most Japanese boy would kill to have and gay cheerleaders on parade.


HAHAHAHA!Sunao has a dad who’s childish, funny, and not like that sorry-ass dead seriousness that most Asian fathers have (I’m Asian-American, btw). He’s more like an American dad in many ways. He tries to play with our Boy Serious when he comes back; he gets silly souvenirs like the dead bull’s face as a mask (did he go to El Cazador’s world? Just kidding), he pretend to act just like Potemayo and shakes his ass (ugh. But I found it funny anyways), and he always tries to get his up tight-ass son to relax, even if his son kicks his ass a little (or a lot). Cool dad!


Another fun thing or gross thing is that Mudo and all these men dress up in cheerleader uniforms and skanking instead of in the traditional Japanese macho men for parade costumes. Mudo’s big friend is totally filming all these and checking him out…friggin’ gay as hell but funny. The big friend says: “Mutan (instead of Mudo), you’re shining. You’re shining brightly, Mutan!” He says this among the midst of horrified crowd. Then he says: “Mutan, I think I really do…(wanna make sweet love to you like what they do in a yaoi manga?)” What’s even funnier is that afterwards, Mikan and Kyo just get so traumatized that they can’t move a muscle. Then the four starts to walk and Kyo says: “That was something I wouldn’t see in my dreams…” Wet dreams? I guess not because Kyo is not a yaoi fan girl. Ooooh…

Then Potemayo gets into trouble for not realizing what’s what. She gets taken by some girl by force and Sunao just says with his super dead pan face: “oh…”

Dude, that yellow bird is scary as hell…Oh, and don’t forget the water yoyo that Potemayo got as a price kicking her ass…

what can I say? Turn your brain off when watching this show with some liquor or beer, or around 3 AM, and chances are, you’ll laugh.


69% recommended for your daily anime diet. especially for people who kind of understand or realizes the Japanese mindset. After getting this outta way, now I can give that good review when episode 21 of Claymore finally comes out…

The Vault 01: Serial Experiments Lain–The Digital Word Made Flesh

Explanation of the Vault series

The Digital Word Made Flesh

Serial Experiments: Lain
Directed by Ryutaro Nakamura
Character Design by Yoshitoshi ABe
Animated by Triangle Staff
Music by Reiichi “CHABO” Nakaido
13 episodes.

New Aether Chronicle Film/Anime Review #001
June 20, 2002
reviewed by Michael Huang
Rating: 5/5

Plot Summary
Lain Iwakura is an odd 14 year-old girl. She is very quiet, has a seemingly indifferent family, and is unnoticed by the other girls at school. One day, she receives an e-mail from another girl, Chisa Yomoda. The strange thing about it is that Chisa killed herself one week ago– and the e-mail states “I am not dead. I am alive, in the Wired, where there is no need for a body. Here, God exists.”

From this point forward, Lain is drawn into the virtual-reality world of the Wired, a futuristic version of the present-day Internet. As she discovers more about her true identity, numerous existential issues are raised: who is Lain? Why does she seem to have such enormous power in the Wired? Are bodies necessary if we can exist without flesh? How is it that human beings even exist? And, who is God?

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A potential bad ending to Claymore?

If you already knew about this and are screaming bloody murder, you’re not the only one. But it seems like from the Newtype magazine Japan, that Madhouse will come up with an ending to Claymore. From what I’ve read on the “Claymore Fans” Live Journal site, I don’t know if this will turn into a bad ending (all the commenters basically said “yes it will”), but again from what I’ve read and “in my worse nightmares” that seems to be a distinctive possibility now. I’ll provide you with the link next but be warned, read from the top very slowly if you don’t want to be spoiled – the author said do not click the cut in capital letters but I didn’t see the cut button anywhere (stupid browser) and I read it. I’m just issuing a warning, that’s all. Anyway read slowly if you don’t want to know what’s coming up in episode 23. Source: http://community.livejournal.com/claymore_fans/37815.html


If you want to see the Japanese Newtype page where everything from episode 20 to 23 is listed in Japanese: http://pc.webnt.jp/anime/detail0023100807.html


So there’s a reason to read the manga and see the story unfold as the author intended. Strangely, this event kind of reminds me of Lord of the Rings – the books VS the movies.


HERE’S a minor SPOILER for Lord of the Rings movie 3 :


Gandolf’s staff gets broken by the King of Wraiths.




Let’s hope at least they know how to end the show OK.

We apologize on the behalf of our spam catcher – we have already shove 3 Gigaslaves up its ass.

Hi everyone:

It seems like our faithful spam catcher, Akismet, which is an awesome spam catcher despite its flaws, have made some mistakes and marked some good and great comments from some of our faithful readers as spam. After threatening HAL…I mean Akismet with firing at it with the Buster Rifle, the Spirit Gun, the Pirate Cutlass custom beretta, the anti-Akuma beam gun from Alan’s arm, the Gigaslave, and the Moon Gorgeous meditation (beam…energy…or whatever it is), it finally promised to do better next time.

Seriously. I’m a theta geek and I have no idea why it did that. But we apologize for the mistake. Sorry, Miina-sama!

Potemayo 6 – funny, funny but not much to review.

Ane to…BOIN!!!!skirt.jpg

After 6 episodes of mostly good timing physical humor, the best of which often makes me cackle out aloud, and the not great ones being at least cute and amusing, I’ve finally resorted to setting down and turn off my brain when watching this show.

In recent days, I’ve discovered that a good show lends itself to good reviews. Such is the case of Claymore. But then I have a problem – all of the sudden I don’t find any other shows good to review. When I review El Cazador I mostly flame it. It’s got a couple of pretty decent eps but mostly I just shook my head in disappointment. In any case, let’s just sit back and take a look at Potemayo 6.


Just about every show of affection in this show gets turned into some kind of Love-love mode. If one person really likes another person it seems that this show never considers that they could “just be friends”, or “siblings.”

Let’s count the “cons” – no, not the anime conventions or conventional plot devices – I’m talking about the “loli-con”, “shota-con” type of”cons”. Here we go, starting with the most recent “con” discovery:


Ane-con – Yasumi for Mikan. He’s like turned on when he sees his older sister wearing a short skirt, a cute apron and a funny cap for preventing hairs falling into food when cooking – but he can’t admit to himself and just enjoy the view (thank God!) so he palms his sister’s head like a basketball.

Mudo-con – Yep, made that name up. This one refers to when a taller, unpopular, big budda-look dude having a thing for his smaller buddy. I used to think he just cares for his small friend’s bad luck and misfortunes, but after he spew blood from his nose after seeing his friend’s naked ass (yeeeewwwww!) it all of the sudden just dawned on me.


And here are the older ones:

loli-con – Mudo wants Potemayo bad he could almost taste it. I can’t remember but somehow that’s why he became a slave to Nana.

Meganekun-con – Mikan loves Sunao, who’s the glasses guy, but she’s deep enough to like him without the glasses.

Speaking of glasses, Sunao makes an extraordinary discovery while looking for something vital to his success in daily living in the wrong place, and that makes Yasumi feels mighty good and Mikan cry like a baby.

I like the physical timing of this show, it’s well placed and it’s funny. But there isn’t anything for me to analyze. It’s definitely a good show to watch after a long, hard day of work or when you simply need a simple laugh without thinking too much.

However, there was one very important thing that I was looking for in this episode, which made it crucial to my enjoyment of this show as a complex and meaningful whole…

OH MY GOD! THEY DIDN’T KILL MUDO! You bastards…oh wait….

Well, that running gag got tiring in South Park. I realize that the gags here don’t get over used often and I think that’s good. So I’ll say =>


75% recommended for your daily anime diet for what this episode and show is meant to be – just a light snack with the right ingredient mix. I’d give it 83% as a more personal biased opinion, because I can almost always laugh when I see this show, but I don’t seem to remember much about what happened in it afterwards.

P.S. Gu…gu…Guchiko beeeaaaamu is funny!

P.S. 2 Nana’s brothers are hilarious! Check them out!

Michael on Hiatus (of Sorts)–and an Opening Vault!

No, not that kind of vault. That stuff don’t taste good anyway.

The audio column I just posted, alas, will be the last new material you’ll be seeing from me for the rest of the month of August. I’m just too swamped with both schoolwork and grading (I’m a teaching assistant) for the remainder of the month to put in anything else that’s brand new and original. Ray and Fred will be holding down the fort while I’m away…

…well, not exactly. See, I actually have my own blog. It’s been around since 2001, and I’ve actually written a large number of reviews, reflections, con reports, and other anime-related posts on there! I also wrote–you may gasp–a lengthy piece of fanfiction. All that anime-related material, over the next couple of weeks, is going to rise from the ashes of obscurity and into the light of animeblogger.net publicity. I’m calling it The Vault. Vault posts will appear every other day or so, starting on Sunday. Of course, if you’re terribly interested, all the material is already there on my website. But this fulfills my desire to unify all my anime-related stuff in one place, and fulfills your desire to read more of MY writing! (bwahahahaha!) As they say on NBC: “if you haven’t read it, it’s new to you!

So, this is something of a goodbye to my new selves–but a hello to my old selves, circa 2002-2005. :) Au revoir et bonjour!

Anime Diet Audio Column – Art and Soul 1: Bokurano and the Art of Dying Well

Uninstall this!

Warning: contains major spoilers for Bokurano.

You heard Ray’s column: now it’s my turn! My column is called “Art and Soul,” which will be a biweekly audio column about anime, religion/Christianity, and ethics. It’s an attempt to integrate anime with what I spent the other 75% of my day doing–reading, studying, and praying theology. (I am a seminary student with plans to enter ministry. This particular episode is, in fact, pretty much a mini-sermon; it’s certainly the closest marriage of my love of God and love of anime yet.) It’s also an excuse to indulge in my other love, public-radio style production values. You’ll hear something much more like This American Life than what we normally do in the podcast in this episode.

This episode is about the significance of one’s last moments in Bokurano, and how it relates to how the Man that I follow also died. As such, it contains spoilers for Bokurano up to episode 7, so be warned. It’s much more serious in tone, so if you’re looking for humor, sorry, this is not the episode for it. :) It is also unabashedly, blatantly, in-your-face Christian. For that, I make no apology.

This was a cool experiment, at any rate. See you all next time!

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Uninstall,” by Chiaki Ishikawa (OP to Bokurano)
  • –ED: “The Heady Feeling of Freedom,” by Shiro Sagisu (from Neon Genesis Evangelion)
  • –BG: “Remedium” and “Take a Little Hand,” by Yoko Kanno (from Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society OST)

Read the transcript of this episode after the cutaway, including Scripture references (when I preach, I never say the chapter and verse numbers).

Continue reading

El Cazador 20 – Well, what can I say?

Oh dear.

I’d say the dramatic level of this episode has definitely turned up. But somehow, I’m beginning to think that the writers are either running out of ideas or they’re rushing it a little. However,  from the preview of the next episode it looks very much like the next episode is going to be another filler more than anything. Let’s not get ahead of the disappointment curve here (at least for me).


Things I’m finally deadly sick of, and I no longer give a shit if they ever explain these ever:



1. Nadie’s inexcusable clumsiness as a professional – she tripped over the lid of that trash can. This time, it just seems like the creators of this show wanted her to trip over it. When the lid got blown off the top of the trash can it just so happens to trip her. How the fuck does that so conveniently happen?



2. Ricardo and Lilio show up and save the day! Again – So they’ve been stalking Nadie and Elis? Why the hell am I not surpised?


3. Jody explains it all – thanks, blue eyes. It isn’t like we can’t figure out that L.A. has feelings or whatever. Please don’t treat us like we’re idiots. And please, that obvious fan serice for fan girls of naked-bishonen-being-cute-and-ooooh-so-sad junk really hurts the eyes! AH! HE’S NAKED! THAT SUCKS! Give me more of Jody’s tight butt cheeks or her cleavage!



4. Dugu, Dugu, DUUUUGUUUU! DO SOMETHING! ARRRRG! OK, Dugu! Do something important or interesting already! Otherwise don’t show up again without something significant happening! We get it already! You’re in control of the situation (or at least you thinks you are) somehow! Sheesh.


5. Elis doesn’t ever wonder about Nadie – I mean, even if she does she just have to pant like a dog and burn someone – in this case L.A., who doesn’t have a penis! I mean, he looks ecstatic when Elis’ fire is burning in his lap – practically in his crotch!!! So that’s why he sounds so gay! Ricardo! Don’t save his lap from burning! He loves fire in his crotch! Fire, fire, fire! Heh heh heh heh heh heh! Cool! I just love it when a bishonen gets his crotch burned! I mean, just listen to his prissy voice!



At least L.A. is finally looking more psycho like Norman Bates. Play that psycho music, witch boy! He finally hates Elis as well. Use a chef’s knife! Use a chef’s knife! Stab her like Norman Bates! Heh heh heh heh heh!


Wait a sec, all of the sudden Nadie’s avoidance skill is up, way up when she fights against L.A. So, let’s see…why not avoid getting tripped BEFORE gets thrown in jail? I thought the attack of an unpredictable character like L.A. is as difficult to avoid as the clumsy lid of a trash can!


I really don’t feel like getting into anything else. For each good element, there are 2 bad elements canceling it out. I’m sorry, I really wish I could improve my opinion on it. But,



69% (which L.A. can’t be on one of the receiving end since it doesn’t look like he has a wee-wee) percent recommended for your daily anime diet. No I didn’t discuss all the decent parts (gosh these were rather difficult to find) because I watched Claymore yesterday, and all the good parts of this episode simply look like straw compare to that. So sue me. Feel free to point out the decent parts in this episode.

Super expensive Gundam T-shirts!

That’s right, according to “”Darkanger”, a member of the MAL news team, you can now buy an expensive T-shirt created by the team effort of Bandai and Mastermind.

This T-shirt features a gundam hand stitched with Swarovski crystals. The cost of the shirt is 200,000 ¥ or about $1,670, or about £830. A less expensive version made with glass beads will be available in U.S., France, Italy, Singapore, China and Japan at the price of 38,000 ¥ or about $320, or about £160. See this link for the news source: http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=3845.

Would you go out and buy one? If yes, the expensive one or the “not so expensive” one?

Behold! Our grand plan of taking over the world is succeeding! Oh hohohohohohohoho!

It seems from Google Analytics that we really are taking over the world – with banters, ringtones, biting sarcasm, and Hirano Aya photos! Oh hohohohohohohoho! We have already taken over most of The Empire of Britannia, and our next step? The worrrrrld! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

See this .pdf file below for hard evidence! Our territories are represented by green!

The evidence of us taking over this world! GHAHAHA!

I shall be Emperor Animes Gluttonius Assus Kicktus the first, and Mike should be Animes Literatus Nerdius the Prime Minister!
Eat your heart out, Brain and Pinky! Be extremely jealous of us, Keroro Gunso! My condolences to you, Britannians! Oh hohohohohohohohoho!

(Just a little joke to relieve your late night boredom)

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