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New Evangelion Movie Opening Images

EVANGELION:1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE (Evangelion Shin Gekijo-ban: Jo) opened Saturday and Akiba Souken has some pics from a Shinjuku theater line where they counted over 1000 people (500 at 6:30 in the morning). On the film itself they noted a heavy CG presence and said Asuka fans will not get to see her in this installment as she appears after Operation Yashima. Famitsu has some cutframe still from the film itself and more pictures from outside theaters.

Ray’s take: another money making scheme that’s going to earn studio Gainax big bucks. Let’s hope they use the money to do something good for a change (and it’s rather sad that I have to say it like that).

Successful Neon Genesis Evangelion money making scam…I mean merchandising scheme.

From Anime News Service

EVA’s Economic Impact
GAINAX figures over 6000 merchandise products have been sold to date based on its Evangelion property, generating around 150 billion Yen of revenue. 15 million+ copies of the manga and over 10 million CD and video caopies have been sold. Over 600,000 units of pinball slot machines and 100,000 of 3 flavors of pinball slot machines have been successfully marketed. 180,000 copies of the latest PS2 game Evangelion CR have been sold since the release in February.

Ray’s take: I really did help with saving the Japanese economy – I spend about $5000 on anime stuff when I was in Japan. Once again, the Americans came to the rescue!!!

But I really didn’t play with the pachinko machine – one of the my students is a big fan of it but not the actual anime – he claimed that the machine kills him every time he plays.

Gundam 00 sneak preview.

From Anime News Service

Gundam 00 Sneak Preview Attendence Aims At 5 Figure Marque 

Mantan mentions an early sneak preview of the new TV animation Gundam 00 was held at Nakano Sun Plaza in Tokyo on the first with and main cast figures and staff speaking at a kickoff stage greeting.

The storyline is set in a future world not to far afield from “the real world” in which nation blocks battle for energy resources. Around 2000 people attended the Nakano screening. Previews are being held in 28 places across the whole country, 15,000 people are expected to participate in those. Rumors that series will run 6 months (25 episodes) with a later resumed storyline via a sequel series were confirmed.

Ray’s take: Well, the franchise is old. I’m thinking from this point on all the gundams that will get made will have bishonen in them. Let’s see what they’ll do for Gundam 00001…At least I won’t have to sleep through 20 filler episodes. These days the timeline of Sci-Fi shows are closer and closer to the real world. Maybe the “end” is coming. XD

On the same day as Eva Premiere, this happened in history.

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62nd Anniversary Of Japan’s WWII Surrender 

Smack dab in the middle of a weekend dominated (like few will be this year) by a vicarious celebration of entertainment of Japan’s 2 top anime series dealing with war and robots is an interesting (and some would pose, ironic) historical footnote of the former real world empire’s emasculation. September 2nd marks the 62nd anniversary of Japan’s surrender to the allies in World War 2. The instrument of surrender was signed on the battleship Missouri warship in Tokyo Bay on Sunday, September 2nd, 1945.

Ray’s take: USA! USA! USA! (Bursts into “spontaneous” singing) OH Say can’t you see? We’ll come and kick your ass! How can we do that? We’ll send some troops and shoot…

The above opinion comes from the individual and does not represent the view of this station.

Get your very own Lance of Longinus…

Replica, that is.

Here’s the headline from Anime News Service:

GAINAX Auctions Lance Of Longinus Replica

“With the release of the new movie GAINAX has continued their promotional campaign with Yahoo by auctioning off an authorized scale replica of the Lance Of Longinus object from the Eva series. The auction runs Friday, August 31, 2007 – September 7th, as of this writing its received 797 bids and the current bid is 350,003,008 Yen.”

“Ironworker Kaoru Watanabe created the flat-iron steel lance which is 2,200mm long, 200mm wide, and weighs 28kg. You can view some images of the lance’s creation and use in the series here.”

Here’s the actual auction page:;evastore_auc

Ray’s take: the price is currently at 9,999,999,999 yen, I did the conversion on It comes out to 86,381,894.35 USD! I think I saw someone cursing in frustration saying: “Aw damnit! And I wanted to skewer one of my professors with that!” XD

The only thing I’m not so impressed with was that Japanese muscle chick. XP And I’ll never pay for a piece of metal like that – even if I want it I can just get a local blacksmith to do it for probably 5K…But why would the hell would I???

On second thought, here’s a groanful pick up line one can use at the convention with this baby on hand: “Hey there, Rei Ayanami! I got the lance and you won’t feel unsafe tonight!” Har har har har.

Review: Byousoku 5cm–The Color of Regret

First, thanks to everyone who commented and said kind things about my hiatus posts. I was pleasantly surprised to find that people still appreciated my often years-old thoughts. Y’all rock. :) Anyways, on to my first proper post since my two week virtual absence.


Long ago, when this site was still called Scattered Cels, I reviewed the raw of the first part of this film. Without understanding any of the details of the dialogue, I could still follow the story, be amazed at the lush backgrounds and lighting, and still question whether Makoto Shinkai has only one story in him to tell. Having now seen the remaining two parts, and watching the first part with translated dialogue for the first time, I have to say that my judgment hasn’t changed overall. This film is ravishing, melancholy, and at times captures like no other the texture, the color, and the perfect modulation of loneliness. I just still wonder whether that is all there is.

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Chinese Manga-Inspired Internet Police

From kei-clone of MAL news team:

The Chinese government has decided to use two police officers, one female and one male, drawn “manga-style” to patrol computer screens of Internet users to make sure they are abiding by strict censorship rules.

The man and woman cartoon crime-fighting duo will patrol the screens of Chinese Web surfers, sometimes on foot, sometimes on motorcycle, sometimes in a patrol car and sometimes — in true Chinese style — on bicycles.

The government appears to be using these images to remind users not to deviate from chinese internet use restrictions, and to encourage them to rat out potential violators.

Source: Spiegel Online

Ray’s Take: Well, they already tried to use the thought police and banned Death Note-copycat manga. I’d be very scared to live in China (and Singapore, too) if they ever become cybernetically advanced like Ghost in the Shell. BTW, for the continuation of the Odex story see here.

Rebuild of Evangelion opens in Japan; Reviews begin to stream in.

From Iri of MAL News Team

Evangelion Shin Gekijo Ban: Rebuild of Evangelion began its theatrical run today, with reviews from fans being generally positive. It is currently rated 4/5 on Yahoo! Movies Japan as reviews begin to pour in:

Ray’s Take: Well, now Mike is probably panting for the raws to come out, I’m just going to wait around nice and easy like until the fansubs come out… (popping open some Yebisu beer…)


紳士(Otaku)と夫人(女性のOtaku)。 私たちが皆、夜退職する前に、私たちの全世界を征服する栄光の仕事の進歩であなた方すべてをアップデートしたいと思います。 あなたはアニメの爆発に伴う詳細報告を見ることができます、以下で微笑む(まさしくグラフと数があるPDF)胸とbishonenを跳んで:


皆があなたのかなりの努力で続くのを奨励したいと思います。 私は、犠牲が作られたのを(コンベンションで長いケツをした線で待って、購入アニメもの)知っていますが、それはそれのすべて価値がありました。 利益がこの世で残した節約にふさわしく、Otakuismである何かがあります。 戦友、Haruhismは言うまでもなく。 人類の残りはまだ分かっていませんが、ある日、時間が正しいときに、私たちは彼らに人類(あなたの疑い深い友人)が皆、実現させているものとするこの運命 を理解させるつもりです。 今夜、あなたが寝つく前にこれを覚えていてください–どんな努力もそれほど小さくなく、また犠牲は全く忘れられていません。 ある日、私たちの名前は歴史(インターネットアーカイブにおける電子信号の)のBooksで金に書かれるものとします。 あなたが宿に退く前に、私たちのモットーを覚えていてください: “Sig Zeon”… 私は「Sig Otaku!」を意図します。

私たちのアップデートに関しては、ここを見てください。 ミーナGanbatte! Otaku Banzai! Otaku Banzai! Otaku Banzai! XD XD XD



The latest report on Anime Diet’s progress of taking over the world.

Gentlemen (read: Otaku) and Ladies (read: Female Otaku). Before we all retire for the night, I want to update all of you on the progress of our glorious undertaking of conquering the entire world. You can see the detailed report with animated explosions , jumping bosoms and bishonen smiling (read: just a PDF with graphs and numbers) below:

Our current progress for taking over the world.

I would like to encourage everyone to continue in your great efforts. I know that sacrifices were made (read: waiting in long-assed lines at conventions and buying anime stuff) but it was all worth it. There’s something good left in this world that’s worthy of saving, and that’s Otakuism. Not to mention its comrade-in-arms, Haruhism. The rest of the humanity does not yet understand, but one day, we will make them understand this destiny which all of mankind (read: your skeptical friends) shall be fulfilling when the time is right. Tonight, before you go to sleep, remember this – that no efforts are too small, and no sacrifices are forgotten. One day, our names shall be written in gold in the Books of History (read: in electronic signals in the Internet Archives). Before you retire to your quarters, remember our motto: “Sig Zeon…” I mean “Sig Otaku!”

以上 (Over)

For our last update, see here. Mina Ganbatte! Otaku Banzai! Otaku Banzai! Otaku Banzai! XD XD XD

Anime Diet Audio Column – Art and Soul 02: Evangelion and the Gnostic Impulse

Your fantasy come true. Squeal.

Contains spoilers for Evangelion (what, you haven’t seen it?!) and Serial Experiments Lain.

Well, I suppose my hiatus ends a few hours early today. Here I am. I’m back!

Right now, I’m basically pinch hitting for both Jeremy and Ray, who couldn’t do an audio column today…this is the fastest thing I could concoct in a few hours. It just happens to dovetail nicely with the fanfic I posted today, too! Basically, I talk about the Gnostic desires in Evangelion, and also in Serial Experiments Lain. Seems to fit the fact that the Eva remake movie comes out tomorrow…or actually, it’s already out in Japan time, if I’m not mistaken.

This one is a lot less dire and Bible-heavy compared to my first one, so all of you bracing for a sermon, you can stop hiding in the corner now. :)

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Cruel Angel’s Thesis” by Yoko Takahashi (OP to Neon Genesis Evangelion…duh!)
  • –ED: “Fly Me to the Moon, 2007 Mix” by Utada Hikaru (ED for the Evangelion Remake)
  • –BGM: “Beautiful World,” by Utada Hikaru (theme song for Eva remake)
  • –BGM: “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now,” by The Smiths
  • –BGM: “The Heady Feeling of Freedom,” by Shiro Sagisu (from Neon Genesis Evangelion ep. 26)
  • –Offerings sacrificed at Hideaki Anno shrine: zero.

Transcript below the cutaway.

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The Vault 07: “Only Connect”–An Eva + Lain fanfic

Explanation of the Vault series. This is the final Vault entry before I return from my hiatus.

Originally written on July 25, 2002. Yes, folks: this is the one and only piece of fanfiction I’ve ever written. It’s an Evangelion-Serial Experiments Lain crossover fic, and it’s rather long (50 pages double spaced). So I’m only posting the first couple of sections of it here, but you can download the entire story below in three different formats!

Honestly, I’ve written better stories since, and some of the sentences now make me wince. However, I’m thinking of writing a “light novel” soon, and if you like my storytelling–and would be interested in contributing some art to go with it–stay tuned. And maybe leave a comment or two. Things are starting to cook in my creative kitchen!

The story begins after the cutaway. Enjoy.

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