La La La Mio

With a line like “there’s just something about a girl with a bass guitar,” how could I resist?

La La La Mio
based on “La La La Lisa,” by Math and Physics Club. I know, an obscure band, but with a song almost tailor-made for this…

It was 2009 at the K-ON club
She was drinking tea at the light rock show


I spent half the day trying not to be shy
Waiting at the door of the room


I lost my nerve and let them feed me too.


She was playing bass in all-girl band
We were all shaking to the beat, oh yeah
With a brown guitar slung low on her hip
It’s then I felt the beat of my heart


There’s just something about a girl with a bass guitar


La la la la la la Mio la la la la
La la la la la la Mio

She had the prettiest eyes
Painted black like her dress


I would have died for just one pick


When I had the chance just to hold hands
I knew that there was something weird
Cause she didn’t seem to have any callouses



There is nobody else
How could they compare?
I don’t want any other girl, oh yeah
Just Mio



7 thoughts on “La La La Mio

  1. coburn: we’re recording it very soon. Look for it.

    ninjanai: for a moment I thought your wife was named Lisa. Then I realized what the context was. 🙂

    Kairu Ishimaru: it’s the song that got me into this band, when Pandora picked it out for me on the Belle and Sebastian channel. At first I thought it actually WAS a B&S song, but it’s a bit too cutesy even for them.

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