Some pics from Aya-chan’s Photo book and others from the net.

EDIT, 8/1/07 12:30 PM: Links fixed.

These are just previews to whet your appetite. To support her get a copy of the book at YesAsia or Amazon Japan, and any other places you can find. The photo book is about $25, and YesAsia has free shipping on this item to most countries, including the US and Europe. For a more detailed report see Hashihime’s page. I’m also posting some pics of Aya that I found on the net not in the photo book. Anyway, on to the pics…

From the photo book:


From the net:


If you like her please support her by buying a copy of her photo book!

I’m also including a shortened version of Aya’s cover of the ED of Fullmetal Panic Fumoffu. Check it out:


EDIT, TOO: Otakus rejoice! I guess Aya-chan has a thing for figurines just like some of us! Check out this link and after drooling over other pics, go to the bottom: 

2 thoughts on “Some pics from Aya-chan’s Photo book and others from the net.

  1. Darn, that sucks. It looks like the initial run was out already, and the orders that people put in for Yesasia can’t be fulfilled until sometime in August anyway. I’ll try to find some other e-stores (in English, hopefully) that sell the book.
    Thank you. I got the cap and Mike did the words.

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