Go ahead, use this ringtone (ring tone) from Lucky Star…

…to show your true Otaku self.

Delight (read:annoy) your anime-loving and non-anime-loving friends everywhere!

4 thoughts on “Go ahead, use this ringtone (ring tone) from Lucky Star…”

  1. I’m thinking it should start at 0:13 when the instrumental part starts. And the full version should be used, so it’s longer.

    …But then again, all the ringtones I’ve ever used are just instrumental. I’ve never liked vocals in my ringtone. ^^;

  2. Good point. I just used this because it repeats better and it annoys people so much better! =D

  3. Spiritsnare – Sorry for the frustration man, but this is a free service that we’re providing. :) If I find that ringtone (I don’t even know what it is) I’ll post it.

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