The third installment in the “Girls with Guns Trilogy” from Bee Train

I don’t know if this is news to anyone, but according to Wikipedia, Bee Train’s coming out with what Kōichi Mashimo of Bee Train calls, the third installment of the “girls with guns trilogy”.
The name of this show is going to be called El Cazador de la Bruja, and it will begin airing in April.

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I can’t wait for the body count to go up! I hope…

5 thoughts on “The third installment in the “Girls with Guns Trilogy” from Bee Train”

  1. Bee Train make a show starring girls with guns? Never would’ve guessed.

    Hopefully it’s as stylistically good as Noir and Madlax, but perhaps with less ridiculous (but equally well-animated) gunfights.

  2. Since Yuki Kajiura will be composing the music, I’ll watch it. Noir and Madlax are my favorite soundtracks, so at least the music should be good.

    I hope the gunfights will be like the ones in Noir. Even though I liked both series, the fight scenes in Madlax were not nearly as interesting.

  3. The gun fights in Madlax were severely lacking, and when they had some each fight was way too short. I watched it once and then I deleted it – I simply didn’t like the plots and the supernatural mix. But the characters were nice and the seiyuu did a great job. Noir was good because it was almost completely unseen before. Oh, and I love girls killing men. The body count was high, too.
    Overall, the first two series of the trilogy balances out and each has its own good points, but to me Noir was way better than Madlax because it didn’t have a strange and unfit plot – it was very much like a stylistic exercise.

  4. >>> Fourth installment, isn’t it? Remember Avenger? (I don’t blame you if you don’t.)

    Avenger doesn’t count since Yuki Kajiura didn’t work on it. :)

    It’s also a shorter series, and the girls don’t really use guns (never watched it, so I could be wrong).

    Really though, it doesn’t count because the director said so.

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