The Genshiken is coming! The Genshiken is coming!

From Anime News Service

The sequel TV series to the anime about anime fans, Genshiken series 2 has been scheduled to start at 25:30 on Tuesday, October 9, 2007.

Ray’s take: Discover the “cool” (pffft) of the truely Otaku by watching Genshiken, Genshiken OAV, and then Genshiken 2 when it comes out, and you will be accepted by the  new secret cult with women aplenty. Oohoo! What do you have to lose? An  Otaku is 99% less likely to cheat on you than your average run-of-the-mill jocks and cheerleaders and other highly-average-good-looking-and-popular people. XD

You bet your ass the above opinion represents not only the view of the individual, but probably the view of this station!

3 thoughts on “The Genshiken is coming! The Genshiken is coming!

  1. Mike – You mean Ogiue. I forgot for those who have only watched the 1st season she’s like a new character. Well, to whet your appetite, Ogiue Chika is the tsundere in this show!
    Also, Goto Yuko is going to play a very funny (for me) character from the States. I can’t wait to see her encounter with Madarame when she first steps into the Genshiken!

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