The ADV take over will be delayed indefinitely

From ANN

Dentsu, ADV Films Confirm Withdrawal of Geneon Deal

In separate press releases, Dentsu Inc. and ADV Films have confirmed ANN’s report that ADV Films will not be handling the sales, marketing, and distribution for Dentsu’s anime subsidiary in the United States, Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc.

Ray’s take: I guess the Microsoft of anime will not take over the anime world, after all. Citizens of the Cyberealm! Rejoice!  XD

5 thoughts on “The ADV take over will be delayed indefinitely”

  1. ADV equates to being the “Microsoft of Anime”… huh? How can that connection be made?

  2. ADV is the largest American anime company, and they have a habit of licensing tons of shows and then sitting on them for ages with no release. They are the most aggressive when it comes to going after fansubbers after shows are licensed. And in a time when a lot of anime companies have either ceased operations in America or gotten a lot smaller (look what happened to Manga Entertainment, Central Park Media, Synch-Point, etc), it looked like they were about to virtually buy out Geneon, which one of the few remaining large companies, and Geneon had already laid off a good part of its staff in preparation for the virtual merger. The deal is now off but Geneon USA remains gutted. Some of this behavior reminded some people of Microsoft’s. Admittedly, it’s not a very fair comparison; ADV certainly doesn’t own 95% of their market the way MS does with theirs.

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