Someone’s going to have some fun with that Lance tonight!

From Anime News Service

Lance Of Longinus Auction Wraps

The Yahoo Auction for a Gainax authorized professional art replica of the Lance Of Longinus prop from Evangelion has closed 6 minutes prior to this posting. The high bid out of 413 was 13,727,000 Yen. At one point the auction had climbed above 10 billion Yen.

Ray’s Take: Next time you go to a certain famous Japanese comic convention, look for a group of screaming Rei Ayanamis running away from some half naked fat dude with the lance in his hands! Or may be he will install that lance as a permanent fixture in his house and hire some girls dressed up as Rei and have them ride the pole of the lance…I mean playing with the lance and stroke it with their hands…What, I’m only talking about the lance!

Relax, I’m only joking! Enjoy the trophy!