See some Manga inspired films in LA (eat your hearts out, Canadians!)

From ANN

Manga-Inspired Films Screen in Los Angeles in November

The American Film Institute will screen two manga-inspired live-action films as part of the 2007 AFI Fest that runs in Los Angeles, California through November.

Daihachi Yoshida’s tragicomedy film Funuke, Show Some Love You Losers!  screens at the ArcLight Theatre on November 5 and 7…

Ray’s take:  Avan-garde with manga! LEET!!! And I CANNOT find this in Canada, right, right, right??? HAR HAR HAR HAR!

Just kidding. For those who are interested get to LA in November. Mike has the advantage so BE ANGRY AT MIKE!

One thought on “See some Manga inspired films in LA (eat your hearts out, Canadians!)”

  1. Ah, the Arclight. I like that theater. Note, these are live action movies. I’m already going to be going to a school-sponsored film festival at the end of the month so I may be movie’d out by then. :)

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