School Days gets a right rating?

From DarkLaila on MAL news team:

The School Days anime is now officially rated R from episode 9. Up to this point it had no such age restriction set and many viewers and fans of the violent game endings were anxious that this meant no “bad ending”. But maybe School Days is now free to write some new anime history~

link: MAL
source: moon phase

Ray’s comments: So, are we going to see some completely naked boobies and p*$$$y (yeah right)? Or one of the characters is going to go psycho and kill ’em all, baby?

5 thoughts on “School Days gets a right rating?

  1. I know I’m rooting for a bad ending. With the story being as screwed up as it’s been through six episodes, it can’t end well. Kotonoha, Sekai, and Makoto living happily ever after would be like Seita and Setsuko living happily ever after in Grave of the Fireflies–it just wouldn’t fit with the rest of the story.

    (Yes, I just compared School Days to Grave of the Fireflies. There’s a special place in otaku hell for people like me.)

  2. Andrew F – no problem, just offer a sacrifice to the Anime goddesses! XD
    Seriously, I guess another comparison that could be used would be She the Ultimate Weapon.

  3. Rated-R This I got a see, I have episodes 1-6 and going to download up to 10 but I’ve only watch the first two episodes so I though the show was just another school life one. BUT if you all say the same thing rated-R then I gota watch this. I personally think if it had a bad ending then it might be a good anime for horror. Well I’ve said to much i hope I didn’t upset anybody. But lets just hope it doesn’t have an ending close to Higurashi HAHAHAHAHA.

  4. i seriously hope that AT-X shows the final episode i am completely obessed with the show and the game so i just pray that they show it i was also hoping it would have been a bad ending where one of them got killed because that would have been soo much better than a happy ending

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