By now, everyone of us who has been slavering to see the final episode of School Days has learned that in place of our half hour STABBY RAMPAGE, we got this instead:

Well, not the text. This is from Anime Blog ga Arimasu.

You see, the final episode was hastily replaced on the TV station by half an hour of nature imagery. Why? Apparently, a teenage girl has just confessed to killing her father with an axe.

This pretty much confirms that we indeed have a BLOODY BAD END. Whoo boy. Can’t wait.

Sources: Random Curiosity, Anime Blog ga Arimasu.

5 thoughts on “School Days 12–AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!”

  1. Wow, just watched the last episode. I can’t believe it! It was so … so … so serene. LOL.

    BTW, for anyone who watched it, where are those scene taken from? (Forgive me for my lack of knowledge in geography.)

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