Naruto FTW for TV Tokyo?

From ANN

Overseas Naruto Business Boosts TV Tokyo’s Profits

…TV Tokyo announced on November 13 its final, revised mid-term financial information and full-year forecast for the 2008 fiscal year (April 2007 to March 2008), and credited its higher profits to the overseas success of Naruto and its other anime properties as well as better expense management. Naruto began airing in Latin America this year after successful launches in North America and Europe…

Ray’s take: Thank you, Narutards, for partaking in saving a part of a sector of Japanese economy. The station personnel at TV Tokyo would like to give you their heartfelt thanks and if you write a self-addressed and stamped postcard to them, you’ll receive a glossy name tag insert with Naruto images with your name and the phrase: “Narutards FTW!” In both katakana and English on it! The supply is limited, act fast!

[spoiler]Yeah right. [/spoiler]

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